Made in USA Articles October 2012


"Made in USA" Does Not Matter at Mega-Mart

We make all sorts of choices all the time. When shopping, it often does not seem like we have a “Made in USA” choice at the big retailers. Sadly, it was our own nation’s retail companies that opened the flood gate to Chinese imports, all or the sake of their greed. They do not care if they put their own customers out of work. That is not only un-American it is very shortsighted in the long-run!

Another reason they like imports from China is thanks to the poor quality. Intentional poor quality? It’s called “planned obsolescence” and they want items to fall apart fast in order to get customers back in to buy more sooner. So much for low, low prices…

Many of our over 600 USA suppliers on cannot even get on the shelves at the big retailers. They would rather sell chintzy stuff from abroad then help the USA dig itself out from these dark economic times.

We don’t have to reward the big retail chains for their insolence. They have forgotten that they work for us! It is our dollars that enable everything they do!

When you can find “Made in USA” products at local, independent stores, art festivals, farmer’s markets, etc. that is great! Also, we will always be here to help you online at

New Items:

We have added two cool titanium money clips with a flag picture. These really are aerospace titanium and therefore will never ever lose their spring. These will truly last a lifetime and then some! All for under $20, these make a great stocking stuffer.

The CoffeePod Pad K-Cup Organizer is great for anyone that uses those single cup coffee makers. They can easily mount the holder and organize up to 27 K-Cups. Another great gift idea under $20!

A small Florida company has developed a “Made in USA” brand Eau de Toilette. This is for both men and women. Priced at only $25.


A "Made in USA" Christmas

Times are tough. I get e-mail and calls from folks facing real adversity. Foreclosures, lack of jobs, debt, a struggle to put food on the table are many of the ways our nation’s people are suffering. A great nation now feels doubt, yet it does not need to be this way.

The underlying factor causing this weakness is a lack of manufacturing. De-industrialization, literally the moving of our factories to Asia, has hallowed out our economy and caused these issues. It was not only the good paying factory jobs that left, but also those of hundreds of their suppliers.

We can’t wait for big companies or Washington to do something about it because until it is in their immediate self-interest, they won’t.

However, “We the people” still have a lot more power than we realize. Over 70% of this economy is driven by consumer spending, while business and government COMBINED make up the rest. If enough of us decide something is a good thing, it becomes a reality; just look at all the organic food in the grocery stores!

We need a Made in USA Christmas which will do something positive for our economy and help get others thinking about it from here on out.

Every purchase of Made in USA helps our nation and many real people behind the scenes. Plus, buying USA-Made products exclude the dangerous chemicals often found in foreign products, helps our budget deficit, typically lasts much longer, and many other great reasons.

It is time to take a stand for our nation and our people! has over 3800 items from 600 mostly small, family owned businesses, nevertheless getting Made in USA products from any source is just as valid. For instance, buying from local farmers markets or artisans is very cool!

For those who just do not want to venture a guess on sizes or colors they should pick, please consider our gift certificates. They never expire or lose value. They are good for any supplier product on the website now or in the future. Plus, we have helpful folks available to make sure your loved ones have an easy using them. These are also great for group or business purposes. Here is a link: Link to Gift Certificates

New Items:

One of our favorite suppliers who have been with us from day one, Texas Jeans, has added a new style. “Cowboy Jeans” in a traditional and slim fit. Along with the cowboy look, these have classic rivets, triple stitched outer seam, and a bigger inseam.

MJM has created some new, gorgeous alpaca hats! Did you know alpaca is as soft as Cashmere and warmer than wool? Plus, water and stain resistant too! There are lots of great reasons to own these super cute hats!


Latest from China: Counterfeit Car Airbags

The latest Chinese import fiasco is tens of thousands of fake car safety airbags!

Airbags are a key safety component in our cars and not only will these not inflate, but per AP, “In one test, a counterfeit bag shot flames and shards of metal shrapnel at a crash dummy instead of inflating.”

The airbags have been installed into many cars as replacements to the factory airbags after the original factory installed ones have already inflated. The airbags fraudulently had car maker logos on them and sold in the secondary market for a fraction of the real airbags.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is recommending that those of us who received new airbags in our vehicles get them checked. Unfortunately, that’s expensive and drivers must pay fees for the replacement of the fake airbags themselves (Thanks China!). The time and expense is painful, but definitely better than experiencing a fake airbag during an accident.

One Chinese national, Dai Zhensong, was arrested in Chattanooga, TN and has been sentenced to 37 months in prison for importing counterfeit airbags. That is positive news, although he was just the tip of the iceberg.

The article in the link below has more details and a video of the airbag shooting flames into a crash dummy. I urge our readers to help spread the word to get this important safety issue checked out.

Link to Chinese Counterfeit Airbag Article

New Items:

New stuffed animals from our good supplier Stuffington Bear Company. They are the last maker of stuffed animals using USA components in the nation. Now including fantastic stuffed animals made from organic materials! Lots of cute ones added – bears, a monkey, bunny, koala, etc. Check them out and order early for Christmas please!

Oak Circle has created a special accent table using all USA-grown adler wood for us! Not only gorgeous, but made with shipping direct to you in mind. They are all set up to package and ship safely anywhere in the country. This heirloom quality piece will be in your family for generations!

Jacob Bromwell has been making great kitchenware for over 190 years! It is not every day they add a new product, but today let me introduce their new French Fry Basket! Light, stylish, made in the USA to last years AND a lifetime warranty. That is Jacob Bromwell.


"Made in USA" for Our Children's Future

According to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll, only 23% of American parents believe their children will be better off, 59% believe worse off, and 19% are not sure.

In a nation where our way of life has always been that our children will have a better life than we do, this is a truly sad state of affairs. I don’t care what political leaning; every parent wants their kids to have a better life! It is time to take a stand!

The situation seriously troubles me, but what's more is our business and political leaders’ lack of understanding or action on this vital issue. There is nothing natural about this situation. The lack of good jobs for our children and grandchildren is the direct result of moving our factories to Asia.

The argument that the “service economy” will make up for the lack of manufacturing jobs has proven to be false. Even if a person is able to get one of those service jobs, statically the pay is on average much worse than manufacturing. Plus, there is a strong “economic multiplier” of manufacturing much beyond the service economy simply because manufacturing needs so many suppliers. In fact, a big portion of the service industry either directly serves manufacturing or services those employed in manufacturing. Take away manufacturing and our money drains away to China, much like water draining from a bathtub.

This problem is fixable. It won’t be easy, but when has it ever been easy? Actually, the USA that I know really shines in the most difficult times.

What can we do? Lean on political and business leaders at every level to support “Made in USA”. It does not matter if he or she is running for county board or governor; we need to hold them accountable. We also need to hold ourselves accountable. We need to look at labels and do the right thing for our nation.

Let’s make sure this nation is a great one again, where future generations of parents see a better future for their children.

New Items:

The Smile Saver Disposable toothbrush is a neat invention from Michigan. What if you are traveling, about to meet a coworker, even go on a date and you have not had a chance to brush your teeth? The Smile Saver is there with built-in toothpaste to make sure you are ready to make a great impression! Sealed in plastic to make sure it stays sanitary. Also, safe to take on flights.

The Tiger’s Tooth Key Ring Bottle Opener is also made in Michigan. This solid steel bottle opener is very effective and goes right on a key chain. He will never be without a bottle opener as long as he knows where his keys are!

Hole in One Plaque made from USA grown Red Alder wood is custom made in Arizona. If a golfer you know ever has a “hole in one” experience, it needs to be permanently honored and recognized. This is a great way to do it.