Made in USA Articles November 2013


Black Friday? Red, White, and Blue Friday

Black Friday, the retailers’ slang for the day after Thanksgiving, has become a blight of consumerism run amuck. One only needs to search Google news for “Black Friday WalMart” to see a sad trail of article after article describing violence and uncivil behavior. It’s sad! What if we made it a Red, White and Blue Friday instead of a wretched Black Friday?

Instead of being manipulated by Mega-Mart, we would by buying American-Made to:

-Put OUR own people back to work!

-Get a better quality, safer product for ourselves and loved ones!

-Take a stand against the outsourcing of our great nation!

-Increase USA government revenue without raising taxes!

-Support small, family-owned businesses from across our great nation!

-Plus, many, many more great benefits!

Buying Made in USA is just great on so many levels! Please join me in helping to make this a safe and rewarding holiday season for as many Americans as we can reach: our own families, the American workers who create the goods we sell, the suppliers, shippers and others who work when those manufacturers are working and the employees of those giant chain stores who are working for low wages under dangerous conditions on Black Friday so that their employers can squeeze a few more pennies out of those cheap, imported goods they’re pushing.

Thank you so much for your support this year!


Real USA Products Make a Real Difference

We have a choice between Made in USA and Made in Some Other Country with almost every product purchase outside of electronics.

Whether it is buying something for Christmas or for oneself, there are many very cool reasons to choose Made in USA.

Here are just a few:

-Safety! 83,000,000 foreign toys were recalled a few years ago, yet they still flood our market!

-Justice! USA factories, while not perfect, have vastly better working conditions than foreign factories, especially at the dangerous subcontractor level.

-Jobs! Buying American creates real jobs, not just at the assembly point, but all along the supply chain.

-Value! Yes, USA products often have a higher initial price tag, but consider that they usually last much longer. Not having to replace them every year means they’re cheaper in the long run.

-Our Economy! We either stimulate our economy or some other nation’s with each purchase!

-Our Great Nation’s Future! Our nation, literally our way of life, needs a strong economy to have a good future.

That is a lot you can feel good about!

Featured Supplier This Week: Lots of Made in USA items for pets!

We have been adding more and more to our pet section, so rather than focus on just one supplier, this week I will share them all.

Please don’t forget we have a special Stocking Stuffer section this year with many items under $10.

New Items

We have added two fun dog chew toys by Zogoflex. They are colorful fun that floats, is dishwasher safe, durable and safe! Great fun for that special pooch!


It's Time. Take a Stand

“Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” Mark Twain

Christmas is less than six weeks away. There is still time for us to rush new and bigger orders to our over 640 USA suppliers. There is still time for them to add shifts, order more USA content and maybe even hire some of our citizens before the holiday.

To us, making sure at least some of the holiday is Made in USA may not seem like much. But, to that newly employed person finally getting a job just before Christmas, it must surely be huge.

Buying Made in USA creates real jobs for OUR people here in our great nation instead of overseas: real jobs, adding value that can make a real difference.

If job creation is the guide, our economy is not recovering well. For the first-time ever, more than 90 million working age Americans are not working.

It is time to take a stand. Bit by bit, our choices, influence with others and actions make real improvement happen. We vote USA or some other nation with each purchase. 70% of our economy is consumer purchases, with government at all levels and business making up the rest. Now tell me, who holds the real power?

Because of you, we are making a real difference! You should feel good about that. We can do and are doing more and more.

Made in USA. It makes a real difference every time!

Featured Supplier: Footskins Shoes & Slippers

It is hard to find shoes or slippers made in our nation, but Footskins continues to make awesome ones in Minnesota! Their sheepskin slippers are so soft and supple it is no wonder they are huge hit at Christmas for both men and women!

BRUSHONSMILE is the way to make teeth white and appealing without the trouble of strips or the expense of going to the dentist. Just apply with the easy pen applicator! Yes, that easy!

Stuffington Bear makes wonderful stuffed animals in Arizona, all from USA components. They have added two new items – a cute snowman and an adorable lamb! Stuffington stuffed animals are not just made here, they are made from safe USA materials and are surprisingly inexpensive.

Grainbow Hotpacks are made in Wisconsin with rice and lavender to ease painful shoulders, etc. Just briefly put it in the microwave and it is good to go, providing pleasant heat and soothing smell.


See You At The Made in America Expo!

It has been a wild ride since launching nearly six years ago! We have continued to grow like crazy; Wiley & Sons published my book, Re-Made in the USA; I have done over 300 radio interviews and six television interviews and so on!

OUR nation hungers for the renewal, good jobs, better economy and safer products that only Made in USA can bring!

Now, I am honored to announce that I will be the keynote speaker at the Made in America Expo this Spring! This new, exciting effort will showcase Made in USA products from across our nation to tens of thousands of visitors! This enables us to take our Made in USA effort to the next level – the people!

From May 16th to the 18th I will be in Ft. Worth at the Will Rodgers Memorial Center, not just speaking, but also signing books, networking with new suppliers and chatting with you! Considering what these good folks are doing while so many others are just talking, I could easily see this Expo getting national media attention. Please mark your calendars as this is going to be big!

Plus, this looks like it will be the start of what may become a huge show touring our great nation!

For USA manufacturers this is a great way to get in front of passionate customers, build brand name AND potentially come face-to-face with retail buyers! For anyone interested in exhibiting, please contact Michelle at

Featured Supplier – The only source left in our nation of stainless steel flatware!

Liberty Tabletop is keeping an American tradition of premium stainless steel flatware at their upstate New York facility. With beauty like this and a 25 year warranty, it is easy to see that they have not forgotten good ole American craftsmanship! It is not cheap, but it will be cherished for generations!

New Items:

Trü Protection is a brand new maker of iPhone cases in California. We are proud to support this American startup that doesn’t just design it here, but really makes it here using 100% content! Made in USA is stamped right inside every case, unlike any other that I know of! Plus, they have amazing, beautiful designs built right into the cases! They directly reward the artist or charitable cause with every single purchase! These cases not only protect iPhones 4, 4S and 5 beautifully, but they are built to last longer than the phone itself with UV protection.

Brahms Mount, our Maine-based maker of artistic, heirloom quality blankets, has added several gorgeous blankets and throws. These are expensive, but please consider the vast amount of labor in creating these works of art and that they will be cherished for many years to come. Value is sometimes in how much an item is still adored ten years down the road!

Jacob Bromwell is one of our oldest suppliers. They have been operating for nearly 200 years! We just added their bread pan and muffin pan. Jacob Bromwell is kitchen Americana!

Schaefer Ranchwear makes wonderful “ranch” style clothing of the highest quality right here in our nation still! Of all our suppliers, Schaefer Ranchwear has proven over the past five years to produce the best quality of any clothing supplier we work with! They have added a stylish new men’s jacket!

Ultimate Kitchen Storage of Colorado hand makes amazing spice racks and other storage units, that fit right under existing cabinets! They not only help store and organize, but are beautiful! I love this taking a traditional item and, with an American touch of innovation, making it even better! They also make similar storage units for knives, charging stations, cookbooks, coffee and so on! Very cool!