Made in USA Articles March 2014


I sadly visualize a day in the not-too-distant future when things have gone from bad to worse –

“What was it like, Grandpa? Tell me again about when the USA was strong.”

“Well child, there were a lot of jobs paying good money. The nation wasn’t bankrupt. There was plenty of food. The land mostly had order, with none of these gangs and their guns. Heck, we hardly even locked the doors when I was your age.”

“Jobs?!? No locks? It sounds like a dream! What happened, Grandpa?”

“Our so-called leaders cared only about their power and money. Short-term greed took over. Mostly, we stopped making stuff. You can’t have jobs or an economy when you make nothing. Our own retailers opened that door for China and the rest.”

“Didn’t people care, Grandpa?”

“Many did, child, but more cared only for today and their pretty foreign junk. It turned out that apathy, meaning folks not caring enough, was the really enemy of freedom.”

“I’m hungry, Grandpa.”

“I know, child. I know.”

Luckily, it does not have to be that way. We have still a choice! Our Made in USA movement is growing in numbers and volume! If our retail chain stores won’t stock American-Made, they can eat their foreign junk!

Made in USA means real jobs! It means pay for people and tax revenues for every level of government. It gives our people a stake in our nation’s future and protects our way of life!

We decide, right here and now, whether to pass a strong nation down to our grandchildren or spend our twilight years trying to explain what went wrong. Thank you for joining me in making the right choice!

God Bless the United States of America!

Featured Items this Week: EZ-DUZ-IT Can Opener

I know I mention it occasionally, but this product is so good I just want to get up on the building and shout – “Here is an awesome Made in USA can opener for under $10!”

The quality smokes the imports! It is made in St. Louis from real USA steel. They also recently added a bottle opener to it. This makes the perfect gift.

New Items:

We’ve added a new version of our popular game, Fling A Ring, with a Made in USA bag. Once it warms up, this is a great game to get the family out playing in the yard or park and away from that TV.

Timberstix makes some of the world’s best Lacrosse sticks right here in the USA from USA-grown lumber! We have just added this wonderful, handcrafted product to our website.


Good News: Growth Means Going Public Someday?

Thanks to your support, we have kept growing and growing! Our Made in USA message is resonating and spreading throughout the land!

We have more than 43,000 friends on Facebook (Link), this newsletter reaches even further and millions of people have visited Last year, we bought a new warehouse.

From an idea that was inspired the first moment I held my newborn daughter to more than 670 suppliers and growing, together we are making things happen!

We are breaking through from the small percentage of true Americans who are aware of the issues and willing to act into a steadily wider audience!

Thankfully, our effort does not need funding or loans. I used my own money to get started, and now it operates largely from the cash flow of folks buying stuff. I run a tight ship, and therefore do not need capital funding or loans. However, I am seeing a lot of startups “going public”, meaning selling stock to the public in an initial public offering, that make a lot less sense than Some do not even have revenue, much less a profit!

My intent is to eventually let the public buy shares in, when and if it makes sense.

However, a vital condition for me is that our customers would get the rights to shares or options at well below the stock’s market value. I am hopeful that my background in Finance and as a business executive would allow me to make that happen, in spite of Wall Street’s likely efforts to game us.

The formula for customers to get rights to shares or options for the stock would be something based on customers who started with us earlier and shopped more getting more benefits. It is only fair that the customers who supported us early and often see the fruits of their efforts.

I would love to see shares someday enrich the very customers who made our efforts possible! Why not benefit true Americans across our great nation instead of just Wall Street?

Nothing is certain in life, but we do have good momentum. It would be great to make into something where the shares really boomed, like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, etc.! I want you, and all of our customers, there with me! And richer, too!

Featured Supplier: Schaefer Ranchwear

Schaefer Ranchwear not only makes amazing western and ranch-inspired clothing for men and women, they are utterly committed to making it here out of USA content. I often wear my Schaefer Denim jacket, which I consider perfect. Their family-run operation has literally the best quality record of all the clothing makers we work with. Their products are not cheap, but Made in USA quality this good cannot be cheap.

New Items:

Creative Crown makes wonderful crown molding! It looks great! One would never guess how light and easily installed it is--not to mention the low prices! This is an easy way to really make any room look very classy.

We sell boatloads of cool plastic spatulas, but some folks want metal ones for various reasons. Therefore, we now have two small ones from Rada, our awesome kitchen tool maker! Rada products are not only built solid, they are priced unbelievably low! Every time we add a Rada product, I have to check to make sure there is not some mistake, because the price is so low.

With baseball on the way, we have added to our collections of Peg Connery-Boyd’s activity books and fun vintage tin baseball games from Channel Craft. Peg has lots of baseball themed activity books on our site, and this new one is not aimed at a specific team. These tin games are a go-anywhere alternative that kids enjoy!

Duluth Pack has been making camping and sports gear in Minnesota for many generations. We just added their new Mini Pistol Rug. This small case helps protect from scratches and moisture.

The Rock-It Fish Scaler scales up to 50 pan fish at one time! If you or a loved one loves to fish for pan fish, but does not enjoy the scaling afterwards (who does?), the Rock-It is sure to help! You can see their video on the item page.


Meet Me at Made in USA Expo

I am very excited to be keynote speaker at the upcoming Made in USA Expo! It is being held at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Ft. Worth from May 16th through the 18th.

Our Made in USA movement is growing fast. But, we must take it to the next level. We need to get out there and wake up more and more of the millions of Americans who are sympathetic, but who are still unaware that they have a choice beyond Mega-Mart. It is time to take a stand, and these expos are a great way to get the word out!

I will be signing copies of my book “Re-Made in the USA” all three days of the conference. In fact, just mention you are a newsletter reader at the event, and I will GIVE you a signed copy of my book. If I run out of copies at the event, I will mail you one at my expense.

John Ratzenberger has confirmed that he will be attending, too. He will also be speaking and signing autographs. He was Cliff in the TV show “Cheers”, has been a voice in Pixar movies such as “Toy Story” and “Cars”, and will soon re-launch “John Ratzenberger’s American-Made”. I just had dinner with him a few weeks ago, and can attest to his passion for our Made in USA effort.

There will also be many USA suppliers displaying their wares, along with lots of family-friendly entertainment.

Here is a link to their website:

Suppliers interested in attending will be pleased by how economical the cost is. Their phone number is 972.233.4400.

Featured: Our Renewed Lawn & Garden Section!

I realize that it is still way too cold in much of the nation, but April is just around the corner! Winter’s grip is slipping and spring will be here before we know it. It seemed like a good time to renew our Lawn & Garden Section. We have hundreds of items for most lawn needs, made right here in America! For example, check out the awesome Sloggers boots and garden shoes made in L.A.!

We have new “value” six packs of socks for men and women, by my favorite sock maker Fox River Socks! Buy six at once and save!

Handcrafted Wooden Spoons! Yes, we finally have a choice made here using USA wood. Plus, these things are a work of art, crafted from a single piece of wood! We have added a traditional wooden spoon, one with notch to allow it to stand on the edge of a frying pan, and a spurtula. A spurtula? Yes, it has long, gently curving face with a bottom similar to a traditional spoon. Know someone impossible to buy gifts for? I guarantee not only that they do not have a spurtula, but that they are going to love it!

We have added two items from Frankie Scott clothing: a stylish “Freedom Isn’t Free” T-Shirt and a Made in USA Stamp Hoodie. Both are designed, made and printed right here in the USA. I could easily see Frankie Scott becoming the next big hit in fashion for young people, and am glad of their commitment to our nation.

Drinque Elite makes beautiful drinking utensils that look like the best glass, but are made from specially formulated, unbreakable Copolyester. I am very impressed with these! They not only made here, they look as good the best crystal, and I can’t even break them (accidently) after I have had a few drinks!


Our Generation's Sudetenland

In 1938, after the absorption of Austria, Hitler made claims of “protecting” German speaking people in Czechoslovakia in the so-called Sudetenland.

If this sounds a lot like Putin invading the peaceful Ukraine to “protect” Russian speakers, that is my point. Real politics between nations can’t be wished away.

The Czechs had seen the writing on the wall two years earlier and their military was preparing behind a series of more than 260 heavy fortresses and more than 10,000 well-situated pillboxes (strongly fortified locations for a single machine gun or artillery piece).

Unfortunately, the “West,” represented by Britain’s Chamberlain and France’s Daladier, tried to buy off Hitler by selling out the Czechs. The Czechs’ well-honed defense system was literally circumvented for the sake of politics. The Sudetenland went to the Nazis, and the rest of the Czechoslovakia was taken just a few months later.

One thing I have learned in reading history over decades is the human folly of NOT learning from history. History moves in similar cycles over and over again. The struggle of freedom versus tyranny did not end after WWI or WWII. It didn’t end after the Berlin Wall fell. No accord with the devil can bring permanent peace. The task of protecting freedom’s fragile light doesn’t end.

Having a strong national economy not only creates good jobs here in the USA, but our strength also holds many threats at bay. The ability to produce allows a nation to stand-down bullies before having to fight. We must reinvigorate our national economy through manufacturing, not just to create jobs, but also to be the kind of power bullies avoid!

Outsourcing our industry not only kills untold thousands of jobs, it leaves us weak and vulnerable.

Buying Made in USA helps make our nation strong. Demand for Made in USA products funds all of these small, family-owned suppliers we support.

Thank you!

Featured Supplier This Week: Jeans!

Rather than focus on one supplier this week, I wanted to point out that we have an entire section of jeans made right here in the USA from USA-grown cotton! Prices start at just $29.95.

New Items:

We added six more kitchen or campfire items from Jacob Bromwell, including Health Popcorn Popper, Classic Tin Cup, Old Country Cheese Board, Frontier Frying Pan and Jacob’s Popcorn Bowl.

The Indeegear Luggage Belt helps keep your luggage secure and makes it easy to identify your luggage coming off the belt. The buckle accommodates a TSA-approved lock, and Indiegear offers several sleeves (like a patch) to individualize and decorate the luggage belt. Also included in the kit is a luggage tag.

Green Guru uses recycled rubber tires and wetsuits to make lots of cool products. We carry quite a few, but just added their computer tablet sleeve and Carbon Cooler insulated picnic pannier. The cooler is adjustable to fit most bike racks (video: Link)

Uncle Jim’s Foods makes some impressive pepper mustard. As a condiment, dip or spread, it adds spicy--but not too spicy--flavor to many dishes! Available in original, habanero and gluten free wasabi flavors.