Made in USA Articles March 2013

3/28/13 Moving

Exciting news! We are moving to our new facility this week!

Thanks to your support, we have grown by leaps and bounds and needed more space. Plus, our present landlord was trying to drastically increase the rent for our warehouse.

That made the “Rent vs. Buy” analysis easy. The question became where, and after an extensive search we bought a very nice facility in Oceanside, CA. We are officially our own landlord as of today.

That meant moving the operation from Orange County to San Diego County. I like San Diego’s “Can Do” attitude, and the Naval and Marine presence brings good folks there from all over our great nation. In the future, I will have to consider operations in each region of our nation, but for now I am quite excited about this stage of our growth.

Here is our new address:
1804 Ord Way
Oceanside, CA 92056

Thanks again for all your super support!

Featured Supplier This Week: MyVeryOwnPlayhouse

MyVeryOwnPlayHouse makes lots of fun cardboard playhouses that kids can color any away they want! It is not just a castle, playhouse or pirate ship: as they color it they really make it whatever their keen imaginations desire! My kids loved it! Models include a cottage, show house (think performing arts stage), castle, hide & seek, grocery and pirate ship. These are very innovative and loads of fun for under $30.

New Items:

I am so proud we work with and are a firm supporter of Duluth Pack. They have been making awesome outdoor packs in the USA for 130 years! Today, they have lots of travel bags and specialty items, too--all with their lifetime warranty. Even though they have been making literally the best camping packs for all these decades, they still come up with all sorts of cool new items. We have added nearly twenty. Follow the link below to see what these great Minnesotans are doing.

Citro-Ban has created something very neat – A mosquito repellent wristband! No need to spray chemicals all over one’s body, just wear the Citro-Ban! They are $2.99 each and protect for about 24 hours.


A "Made in USA" Purpose

Throughout the years I worked in industry, it was clear that business--particularly big business--was a large part of the problem. They worried only about today, closing factories to save what is truly a pittance and ignoring the long-term impact of their decisions. However, I truly believe that business can be a pivotal part of the solution.

What if a business were created to bring folks with an American purpose together with hundreds or even thousands of small, family owned businesses that also truly care about our great nation? Why shouldn’t business do the right thing for our people and nation?

It is not just a theory. It is really happening at I funded it personally, so that it would not be beholden to a bank. I run it with every ounce of business experience and knowledge I gained over two decades working in our nation and abroad. This is not just an experiment; thanks to you it is rapidly gaining momentum and making a real difference.

The risk to our nation is too great to sit idly by and do nothing. I am not just here to show you all these great products and talk about an issue or two. I will prove that business can be part of our nation’s renewal.

Business of our nation needs to realize we are part of something bigger and more important than this quarter’s bonus – We are part of the United States of America.

Featured Supplier This Week: Ka’anapali Estates 100% Maui Grown Coffee

There are other sources of Hawaiian coffee, but this one comes direct from a converted sugar plantation on Maui. Their amazing coffee is grown for you in this bit of USA heaven, then shipped straight to you with TLC when you order it! No months or years of coming from goodness knows where and sitting on shelves for who knows how long: this is the real thing. It is not cheap, but for a special coffee lover, it is truly something special.

New Items:

Cherub’s organic cotton baby blankets are truly lovely. So soft and free of chemicals for baby, yet machine washable. Every new parent will love these thoughtful blankets as a gorgeous, yet very practical item that baby will use A LOT.

Hardcore Hammers has added a fun beanie stocking cap! Fun for any tool guy, plus it keeps him warm for under $20.

ColoRiffic has released some beautiful, full color fairy light switch covers. My daughter wants the Winter Fairy. How about your special girl?


The USA & China

Per The Wall Street Journal, quoting an official Chinese Communist party journal recently:

“History and reality show us that what determines the political and economic pattern of the world is, in the final, analysis, a comparison of great power’s strength and ultimately depends on force.”

That does not sound very much like peaceful coexistence, does it? Add that China now has over 2000 jet fighters, has increase their military spending 70% in five years, is intently harassing Japan and other neighbors, that cyber spying and attacks on our government and businesses have hit a fever pitch, and so on, and we all can see a very dangerous pattern.

We think in this modern era nations are playing by rules, but their leadership just thinks that is a funny joke. Why do we give away that advantage? We would not have been so naïve about Stalin’s Soviet Union, but our big businesses seem to think it is dandy to invest in and move our factories to the police state called China.

Washington needs to come around, but we as free and thinking people need to act now. Join me in avoiding products made in China whenever possible, in complaining to companies that pander to them, in letting other Americans know and in buying American-Made whenever possible.

By renewing our great nation’s industry, we not only make lives better in our nation (it’s our nation and they are our people), we take a peaceful stand against China -- Bullies prey on the weak. We must be strong.

Made in USA – this issue is not red state or blue state one. It is red, white and blue, just like our flag. When Americans who care from every type of background lock arms, truly mountains move. Police states and tyrants have the numbers and fear, but they shudder at the sight of a motivated free people.

Featured Supplier This Week: Tuff Guard Hose

Yes, I know it is still cold out in many places around our nation, but I hear spring birds have been sighted and crocuses are starting to peek through the cold soil in some locales. It has been a long time coming, but the season will turn soon. No need to consider a foreign hose at Mega-Mart, as Tuff Guard has a truly impressive hose that will outlast generation after generation of cheap hoses. I have one at home and have been very impressed with it. Not only is it strong, but it will not kink or lose water flow under any circumstance. Imagine that!

New Items:

The Curly Top book and doll set by Michelle Nelson is a very cute story of a girl frustrated with her natural curls! Come on and visit Curly and Nana to find out what happens.

Our good supplier, Royal Apparel, has added a women’s long sleeve raglan dolman shirt and a full zip hoodie for infants and toddlers.

Thank you so much for your support! You are true to our nation and our way of life!


Lessons from Asia

Occasionally, I get e-mail or a post on our Facebook page to the effect that “We are an interconnected world now and it cannot be helped that most stuff comes from Asia.” This is sort of a pseudo-intellectual cop out on taking a stand for our nation.

Here is what I learned firsthand working long years in Asia: there is no “free trade”. China, Korea, Japan, etc. only import what they must, and they try to maximize exports to the USA. Those nations look out for their own political goals and people first, and our businesses and national retail chains have opened the gates to them.

To assume “interconnectivity” means equal trade with Asia in any sense is not only false but also quite dangerous.

The struggle between nations today takes on a different form than in 1941, but it is still very real. We are utterly being drained of economic vitality, our industry, with each factory that closes. China has a long-term goal to be the (note the singular tense) world’s superpower. Sadly, we often seem to be helping them achieve that goal.

However, no other nation gets to decide our fate. We can roll up our sleeves and make it right, or face history’s judgment. The noise coming out of Washington is not going to fix it. Big business will only join us when they smell enough profit (like has happened with the organic foods). We the people still control roughly 70% of the economy. With each purchase, we vote for our nation or for some other nation.

In history, the greatest enemy of freedom is not tyrants. The greatest enemy of freedom is apathy. A motivated free people can move mountains. Who will stand with me?

Featured Supplier This Week:

John J. Steuby Co. makes the EZ-DUZ-IT handheld can opener in St. Louis. They are substantial, steel can openers for under $10! Amazing quality at an amazing price!

New Items

Fox River Socks has not only remained true to our great nation, they have continued to produce the absolute best quality socks here decade after decade. We have added two new styles.

Talk about Americana! The Columbus Washboard Company has been making them here since 1895! Yes, a real washboard, like for laundry! Great for that, decoration or folk music: this is last maker of washboards in our nation!

Bubba’s Carolina Jerky is made of 100% USA beef by a disabled-veteran-owned company in North Carolina. This jerky is so far beyond what I imagined! It is moist and tasty. It is fresh and fulfilling. This is truly a premium product great for jerky lovers anytime, anywhere.

Our great wood toy maker from Vermont, Maple Landmark, has a new puzzle – An American Flag! Made here out of only USA wood, it will last generations!

Moose Poop Dog Treats are made in the beautiful mountains of Maine, but not by a moose! Just a fun name for a delicious dog treat your pooch is going love! Great, healthy ingredients but no actual moose droppings in Moose Poop Dog treats!

We have added eight fun personalized signs that your special guy is going to love! For example, Steve’s (or whatever name you like) Man Cave, or David’s Billiards Room, etc. Some include a small, hand painted 3-D sculpture, like a beer mug. These are an amazingly high quality, by a true craftsman.