Made in USA Articles March 2012


Our Made in USA Progress

Good News! Our “Made in USA” effort is growing fast! We are moving this week to a much needed bigger space. Frugal as always, I was able to negotiate a much nicer office and warehouse with twice the space for only 20% more rent.

Though the economy may be showing signs of bottoming out, the situation for many small manufacturers remains dire. As you know, they are unable to get on the shelves of the major chain stores, credit from the banks extremely tight, and subsidized foreign competition is relentless.

Our purpose is to assist as many of these small American suppliers as possible. Not only do we provide them with a free way to advertise themselves to thousands of Americans, but also a direct way to earn real revenue. The big chain stores want folks to believe we have to take their chintzy imports, but together we are standing up to say we have a choice.

I am very glad to report that our Made in America efforts are going very well. We need that extra space. Actually, we have needed it for some time. We are experiencing strong growth while doing what is just. We are also doing it with low overhead expenses to avoid the spending issues that have plagued previous generations of Internet companies.

From this Thursday on, our new address is:
915 Calle Amanecer
Suite K
San Clemente, CA 92673

New Items:

Star Spangled Polar Bottle® is the original insulated plastic sport water bottle. It keeps liquids colder longer than other water bottles. Key features include 100% BPA-free and Phthalate-free, replaceable valves, dishwasher and freezer safe, and lifetime warranty. Made in USA.

John Deere 60 piece puzzles are for kids ages 4+. Perfect for the tractor lover in your family. New Hidden Images Glow in the Dark 500 piece puzzles are animal themed. Both sets are by Masterpieces Puzzle Company. Made in USA.

Stylish spring attire for women by Earth Creations. High quality, eco-friendly clothes are made with USA organic cotton. Earth Creations has put second and third generation sewers back to work in Moulton, Alabama. Moulton used to be a big time sewing town, but over the years the sewing was outsourced. Once again, we have the opportunity to support the Gulf States. Made in Alabama.

High quality combs and hair brushes by Cardinal Comb & Brush. Made in USA.

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This Week’s Featured Items Sale:
An amazing piece of our heritage is being preserved by Maine Heritage Weavers. After the 150 year old Bates Mill went bankrupt some of the workers bought the facility and equipment and are now producing some of the finest bedspreads in the world. We have them featured on sale this week.

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Made in USA Spring

It may not feel like it, but Spring is on the way! Has the groundhog seen its shadow or are guys worried about their NCAA basketball brackets? I do not know, but I do know that Spring will soon be here!

Before long many folks or loved ones will start thinking about yards and gardens. The big hardware chains seem mostly full of “it” (“it” being foreign made chintzy products). This issue of the newsletter leaves the issues aside and features very cool “Made in USA” products for the lawn and garden.

By the way, none of these suppliers pay for these mentions or to be on Some websites and newsletters look like weekly shoppers, but we accept no advertising or paid endorsements. The vast majority of folks use as a research tool. That will always remain free of cost, free of blaring ads, and free of paid influence.

There are a lot of very cool lawn and garden products out there still made right here in our nation! Many of these are on sale this week only. Great for immediate use, or that next birthday!

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One of my favorite products that I use on my own lawn is the Standard Reel Mower made in Indiana by American Mowers. They have been making mowers for a hundred years using real American steel. Plus, it uses no gasoline. Just push it around the yard! It is more exercise than a power mower, but for me that is a plus. It comes in a five and seven blade model. The seven blade is for bigger yards. Sadly this maker does sell foreign models too, but we make sure we are only have the real thing.

Forget foreign hoses, the Tuff Guard hose is amazing. I have put it through the ringer at my house, and it will not crimp under any circumstances. It is built so solidly, I really feel like I could drive over it and it would be fine. I cannot say enough good about it from my personal experience with this TPG Tuff Guard hose made right here by Americans!

Tomato Rings and The Veggie Cage are both awesome tools for the serious gardener. Yes, those tomatoes do want to take over the garden, and here is the solution. These products are uniquely sturdy and effective. They are invented and made in Missouri.

Forget Chinese-made gloves, Schaefer Ranchwear makes beautiful gloves for your lawn, garden, or yes also the ranch. They have versions using elk, deer, or goat leather. These are not cheap, but they are the real deal. Made from the days when quality and craftsmanship meant everything.

Bully Tools of Ohio proves we can go head-to-head with the imports by focusing on rock solid quality, made to last a lifetime. They have such a wide array of shovels and other lawn and garden tools, I really cannot list them all, but six particularly good ones have been put on sale.

The Pro Ears Ultra 28 truly protects hearing whether mowing or doing any other type of work that might damage hearing. These are a not just a great Made in USA product, but a great investment.

Not only does the Woodsman’s Pal trim, prune, chop or clear the toughest growth, it was there with our servicemen in the jungles of the South Pacific during WWII. If it can handle that jungle, no doubt it can handle yours! Built to last a lifetime in Pennsylvania.

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New Items:

Freeze-N-Wrap Beverage Cooler with logo on it. Freeze-N-Wrap Beverage insulator is perfect of hot summer days. Freeze it, wrap it, and then refreeze it. Hands stay warm and dry while beverage gets colder. Safe, non-toxic use with cans or bottles. Made in USA.

Alaska Gourmet Sausage Assortment case. An 11 pound assortment case of gourmet sausage includes Alaskan teriyaki stick, Hunter stick with reindeer meat, and Moose country pepperstick. Made and processed in Alaska.

Men’s, women’s, and children’s sweaters and vests. Stylish, soft, and durable. Many colors and sizes available. Made in USA.

Freezer Alarm by Plum Valley Systems is an industrial grade, reliable freezer alarm. Sensor is placed in freezer, if temperature rises above threshold, a buzzer sounds alerting you to the rising temperature and contents may be in danger of thawing. Enjoy peace of mind that your products are safe. Made in USA.

Beautiful handmade products for the home by Wendell August. Wendell August has been forging metal in Pennsylvania since 1923. Their skilled craftsmen turn aluminum and other metals into unique artistic gifts one piece at a time. Made in Pennsylvania.

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Survival of USA Small Business & Our Nation

Small business is not just an American tradition, it is the main driver of jobs. Small and medium size businesses create roughly 70% of new jobs. Government and big business COMBINED create the rest. Every company started off small. Ford, Coca-Cola, Apple, etc. all trace their roots back to a couple of folks with crazy dreams in a shed, garage or workshop driven to create something.

It has always been hard to be an entrepreneur. Taking a chance when there seems to be safety in the nine to five life.

Today is harder than ever for small business. Not only are they faced with usual hardships of starting a new business, but credit today is nearly impossible to get and they are facing unfair subsidized competition from Asia. To make matters worse, the big retailers just do not care where stuff is made even though they are ultimately putting their own customers out of work!

I have got to know many small business owners since founding These are real Americans from every kind of background defying the longest odds.

These folks are tough, but like a person needs oxygen, business needs cash flow. Cash to pay for employees, machines, rent in order to turn a dream into reality. The banks are not loaning (do not get me started on bailing the banks out), the government through the Small Business Administration is just this side of no help at all, and big retailers seem to prefer chintzy imports.

Nevertheless, you and I stand firmly by their sides. No matter how bad things get, what happens to the economy, or what Washington does, American small businesses making their products in the USA out of USA content will always have an ally in

We support well over 500 of these true USA companies now with more coming every week. We promote them for free, and due to your orders we inject cash directly into them.

I learned as an executive in the tech industry that there is more to life than making money. We can do business and do a LOT of good at the same time. We can put our brothers and sisters back to work. We can see our children have a decent future. We can make our country strong and healthy. We can protect this shining light of freedom - The United States of America!

New Items:

EZ-DUZ-IT Can Opener has chrome plated handles, gear driven, hardened and sharpened cutters, and cushioned black hand grips. The best hand operated can opener made. Made in St. Louis, MO.

MJM Handmade Creations makes beautiful handmade hats from 100% Alpaca. Alpaca is silky soft and warm, light weight, hypoallergenic, stain and water resistant. Many colors and styles are available. Perfect on a chilly day. Since hats are handmade, no two are exactly alike. Made in Montana.

Heritage Cookie Sheet by Jacob Bromwell is a one-of-a-kind must have for your kitchen. Jacob Bromwell had an idea back in 1819; handcrafted, quality baking, cooking, and food preparation products that American families could count on to last for years. In the early 1900's, Jacob Bromwell moved his business to Michigan City, Indiana where it is still located today. Jacob Bromwell is one of our nation's oldest companies and they take great pride in their American heritage.

Men's and Women's cardigans, v-neck sweaters, and vests. Stylish, soft, and durable. Many colors and sizes available. Made in USA.

Basketball Goals by BeeBall Goal are extremely high quality and engineered for aggressive play. Rim adjusts from 6 to 10 feet. Features tempered glass backboard, heavy gauge structural tubular steel, powder coated for years of weather protection, and bolt down anchor system for easy removal. Made in USA.

Pitching Tunnels is an innovative new product created for pitching and throwing. An oversized net is centered and built around the official strike zone of MLB and Little League baseball. The Tunnel walls knock down wild pitches and create a visual guide for pitchers. No catcher is needed, so players have the ability to practice anytime. Pitching Tunnels allow you to pitch in a convenient, safe, and efficient way. Pitching Tunnels come fully assembled, with easy set up and take down. Made in USA.

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On Sale This Week: Toys from our oldest supplier - Holgate Toys. They have been making not just a toy, but a real American tradition since 1789. Yes, 223 years! I remember my grandmother having one of these toys at her house from my father's childhood days.

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