Made in USA Articles June 2014


Made in USA Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is coming up. Generations of Americans have sacrificed to found our great nation and forge it into something truly extraordinary!

Today, we face an insidious threat: apathy is spreading like rust or cancer. It eats away at our confidence, allows freedom to be taken one step at a time, lets business think outsourcing our factories to Asia is acceptable, and allows hundreds of other assaults on our nation’s future and our way of life.

The good news is that Americans of every stripe and color are waking up!

70% of our economy is consumer spending (all government and business spending at every level combined makes up the rest). We the People hold vastly more power than we realize!

Getting to know so many of you has made this effort a joy! I love interacting with true Americans who are concerned about what our nation will be like decades after they are gone! You are amazing!

God Bless You and the United States of America!

Have a wonderful 4th of July!

FYI: I will be interviewed live on KFWB, one of California’s top news radio stations, this Friday at 2:30 pm PST. That is AM980, or you can listen online at

Featured Supplier: Patriot Plastics

Michigan-based startup Patriot Plastics is one of my favorite suppliers. I really admire their “can do” attitude! They make a wide array of fun kitchen tools from safe plastic. We use their products almost daily at home! I am so glad my young kids can eat food prepared with Made in USA kitchen tools!

Link to Patriot Plastics

New Items:

Green Guru makes amazing products out of recycled bicycle tires and other materials. We have added nine new items this week. All are cycling related (they also have wallets and other bags). If you love cycling or a cycler, check out these cool bags, an ankle protector, even a kickstand cooler!

Zippy Sports makes shorts that are amazingly comfortable, yet versatile! Great for exercising, around the yard or just hanging around the house. A downward motion zipper keeps keys, wallets and other small valuables secure in your pockets. These shorts are cut and sewn for muscular men, so they run big.


Made in USA vs. Globalization

What does it mean to be a part of a sound, strong nation? Such a nation can create real jobs for each generation, it keeps us safe at home and from threats abroad and it sustains a viable national future.

All of this seems self-evident, yet the business and political “globalization” movement kills our middle class manufacturing jobs and weakens our nation to save a few pennies. Globalization sends our jobs and money abroad in exchange for shabby goods over at Mega-Mart! The handful of jobs that import transactions create here in our nation are low-paid retail positions, yet globalization supporters are all aglow about it. Why? Retailers and companies profit from it in the short-run, and are too naïve to understand that they are killing their own customer base when they decimate our American middle class!

It is our USA middle class that pays most of the bills to run our government and our schools. The middle class also supports our military expenditures and is the main buyer of products that drive our economy. Every time a retailer sells America out for a foreign-made piece of junk, our nation is that much weaker.

On the other hand, we make our economy and nation stronger with each and every Made in USA purchase! The purchase is far more potent for our economy than just the initial dollar value of the item, because each maker has so many suppliers, and so on! That economic multiplier effect helps local communities across our great nation! It creates jobs for Americans, who in turn are able to buy homes, raise families and pay taxes.

That economic benefit either stays here or heads abroad with globalization. They perceive the benefit of globalization as, simply put, pocketing the difference between our cost of doing business (jobs here) and some others nation’s cost (jobs there). The globalists always leave out the heavy cost to the environment and workers of making stuff in nations with low standards (or, perhaps, they know and do not care).

There are exceptions: When both nations and people benefit from trade, for instance USA grain in exchange for Chile’s winter grapes, there can be a mutual benefit. However, when one nation’s economy is being gutted for the sake short-term profit, that is globalization.

Please stand with me and for Made in USA and our great nation!

Featured Supplier: History America Posters

History America makes some fun, educational, historical posters showing the history of American marines, aviators, firemen, police, revolutionary war troops, old glory flags and more. Designed and produced in the upper peninsula of Michigan, these posters are sure to be a hit!

Link to Featured Supplier

New Items:

We have added two new items from inventor and patriot Clifton Deal. He has designed a new bubble maker that is a blast for the kids – Design A Bubble. Also, we are now carrying his book, America First Market Guide. It is a how-to and inspiration book for red, white, and blue inventors!

Dunhamshire Creations makes beautiful, artistic glassware. They carve images into glass cups, iced tea glasses, beer pitchers and more. We have added six beautiful sets, including a fire fighter, artistic designs and even a set inspired by the Wizard of Oz!

Our new thin wallet maker, Allett, has become so popular that we have added their new classic leather women’s model. You will be impressed with both the design and functionality offered by this San Diego maker!

Hottie Hosiery is a women-owned startup from California that I predict will take the fun sock market by storm! She says they “Flirt with Fashion”! We have added two models with seven total designs. I think we will likely see a lot more in the near future.


You Make Our Made in USA Stand Happen

Thanks to your super support, we are able to assist many hundreds Made in USA suppliers! It costs them nothing to get on In fact, we pay them because of your orders!

I started this effort to help USA manufacturing. However, I was happy to find that 95% of the suppliers still making it here are small, family owned businesses! For me, that made this fight even more important!

We make those businesses visible to millions of annual visitors. You make that happen, and you support them with each order. Thank you!

Many of these suppliers cannot even get on the shelves over at the big chain stores. Those chain stores would often rather sell chintzy imports. That short-term greed may boosts this quarter’s profits, but will hurt them in the long run as they put their own American customers out of work!

On the other hand, we are only about putting Americans back to work! I firmly believe that business should be part of the solution (and not a huge drag) for our economy! Ethical shopping is alive and well at! I have staked my career and money on it. I use every bit of working energy and every lesson and nuance I learned in business, both here and in Asia, on making this effort real.

Every order not only helps that supplier and man or women that assembles the product, but also their dozens of suppliers! The supplier’s suppliers, too! Each purchase triggers a positive chain of events for our nation’s economy and employees!

A generation of Americans is facing a desperate fight to avoid unemployment or become re-employed! Outsourcing tens of thousands of our factories to China and other nations is like throwing an anvil to a drowning man.

We need those jobs! Made in USA takes the fight back and puts the initiative back in our own hands!

Nobody in Washington, on Wall Street or in Beijing gets to decide our great nation’s fate! That decision belongs to We the People!

We vote for our nation or another with each purchase! Please take this stand with me and vote Made in USA every time it is possible! God Bless the United States of America!

Featured Supplier this Week: Made in USA Jeans

What could be more American than blue jeans? That doesn’t hold true for the major makers, unfortunately. They’ve moved production of this American icon abroad, while adding insult to injury by raising the price! Where does all that money go?

We know where it goes with our Made in USA brands. To USA cotton farmers, mills and other American businesses staffed with members of communities across the country. All of our jeans makers use only USA fabric sewn from USA grown cotton.

Come and see Texas Jeans, Round House and Schaefer Ranchwear here:

Link to Featured Suppliers

New Items:

The GrOpener is a brand new product made right in the USA! A one-hand bottle opener that is as easy to use as it is coolly designed! Here is a video: Link

The maker of Footlog has a new product – the BodyLog! It’s great for massages and relief of minor aches and pains! Plus, at under $20, it costs a fraction of just one massage!

Allet, our popular new wallet maker, has just launched an RFID blocking wallet! It blocks radio waves that can communicate with newfangled credit cards, adding to your security. However, it is also beautiful and wafer thin. A functional work of art!

Opti-Gone has create a very neat hologram maker. It creates an instant 3-D image of whatever is placed within. Budding young scientists will be amazed! It’s a one of kind conversation starter.

Telic, our popular sandal maker has two new styles that have just been released! A women’s Z-Strap and Men’s Slide. The women’s shoe comes in lots of fun colors. The men’s is available in black, ocean blue and white. Both incorporate Telics super comfort and wearability into these fun new styles!

Green Toys makes wonderful toys from safe, recycled plastic. They launched about the same time we did and it has been a real pleasure to watch them grow! This week, they have just released two brand new toys: Animals-on-Wheels and Train. Both are super fun for young kids, while being sturdy enough to put up with even the most energetic kids! My kids love their Green Toys items! x


Made in USA Excellence

Made in USA not only creates jobs here, but helps our nation in many ways. You can feel good whenever you find or buy something Made in USA!

Those newly employed Americans can get out of the welfare cycle and back to doing something important for a living. They start paying taxes, buying stuff and maybe saving a bit--all because of you!

It also stimulates the economy in local communities across our nation, both where it is manufactured and around the manufacturers’ many suppliers! Again, because of you!

Government spending drops and tax revenue rises because of this added employment and USA economic activity. You did that, too!

You made a stand for product and worker safety! Pretty cool!

A father (or mother) gets an extra shift, or maybe even a job. Now, that’s a good Father’s Day!

All of this and much, much more because you took a real stand and voted Made in USA! That is a real accomplishment that you should feel excellent about again and again!

Made in USA for our nation, our people, our economy and our American way of life!

Featured Supplier: Duluth Pack

Duluth Pack of Minnesota has been making products to last a lifetime since 1882. That is 132 years!

They don’t just make the best backpacks in the world; they also make camping products, wonderful bags, computer cases, wallets, hunting cases and many more!

Duluth Pack is not just another Made in USA supplier, it is a part of our American spirit and history!

Link to Duluth Pack Products

New Items:

Sparta Craft has been hand making flag cases in North Carolina since 1984. These beautiful cases will preserve your veteran’s flag and his or her memory with honor and dignity for generations to come! 2014? That flag will be overlooking and remembered by family in 2064, 2114 and so on!

Session Savers sunscreen is not just made in USA, it is cleverly packed in go-anywhere packages for any time sunscreen is needed. Tuck it into golf bags, purses, glove compartments or attach it to your keys to have it handy anywhere you might suddenly realize “I need sunscreen.” As long I remember my keys, I have sunscreen with me!

The RPM ez Hand Rake was invented, designed and Made in USA to never clog. It saves time and is easy on the back! Check out this video - Link

We’re introducing two new, stylish vests from Schaefer Ranchwear. Schaefer not only makes amazing Western style clothing, but every stich is made right here in the USA!

Tool Tender is a kitchen and workshop organizer from a Colorado startup. You know how we love helping USA startups!

Tru Protection is making special soccer flag iPhone cases in honor of the upcoming World Cup!

Good Hair Days makes wonderful hair combs and other accessories to hold hair in place. They are so popular, we ship them all over the world! We have added two new chignon pins and a kiddie barrettes four-pack.

Do you worry that your home might fall victim to bed bugs? Buggy Bed by VCM products lets you sleep easy by monitoring whether there is an issue. There is a video to show how easy it is here: Link

We have added 6oz Chicken Krispies Dog Treats from Kona’s Chips. They’re made from 100% USA content, so your dog will love them and you will not need to worry!