Made in USA Articles July 2013


USA Middle Class Under Siege

Our middle class is the backbone of our national economy. In the end, it is the middle class that pays every bill and keeps our nation strong.

Unfortunately, our middle class is under siege. We have lost two decades of real wage gains. There are few jobs out there, and those that folks can find are mainly in low-paying service sectors, like restaurants.

This situation is directly caused by the growth of our trade deficit, as thousands of our factories have been moved abroad. While working for a USA tech company in Asia, I saw firsthand that countries like China, Korea and Japan are purposely targeting our manufacturing sector because they remember what Washington forgot: manufacturing is much more valuable for job creation and the national economy because of the hundreds of suppliers that add value even before final assembly. Every USA purchase touches many Americans due to this multiplier effect.

We can’t let Washington off the hook, but we also must take action as individuals to stem this tide. It is time for our people to demand Made in USA products or cut spending. Many small businesses are already on our side, and once businesses realize that there is money to be made in Made in USA products, that number will increase.

Washington under either party cannot fix this with spending or paper money shell games. The only way to heal our economy and save our middle class is through renewing our manufacturing base.

Thank you for all you do!

Featured Supplier: Telegraph Hill Robes

Telegraph Hill of San Francisco makes very special robes, often used in the highest-end spas. It is all about quality and comfort. They have two robes that are not only sewn here, but use USA fabric. The first was featured on the CBS show “The Talk” and is dye free, 100% combed cotton and as soft as cashmere. The second is a knit check waffle robe lined with terry.

New Items:

Pipe Dreams Pet Bed makes comfortable pet beds in North Carolina from 100% USA materials. Provides comfortable support and gets the pet up off the ground. Easy to clean and maintain. Frame will last many years, and replacement pads are available if necessary. Especially good for older or arthritic pets.

The Acme Anvil is a fun, decorative piece made from solid bronze. If you think he has everything, he does not have this! Created in Oceanside, California by Alloy Kat Studios. Comes with its own crate for storage.

FootMate System Foot Care by Gordon Brush is the complete foot cleaning, soothing and massaging system for the shower. The brush, along with their Rejuvenating Gel (included), not only cleans but also stimulates circulation and blood flow. This is also perfect for folks who might have trouble bending in the shower for whatever reason. Replacement bottles of Rejuvenating Gel are also available. Made in California.

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Small "Made in USA" Business

I saw a classic old Chevy on the road this morning and it reminded me that every big company started off small.

Small businesses are no less important today, as they create 60% of new jobs and employ more than half of workers in the private sector. The media and government talk about banks that are “too big to fail,” yet in many ways small businesses are more important to our economic future.

It is hard to start a business anymore. Banks are not lending, and big retail chains prefer the profit margins of selling inferior imported products to supporting products made in our own nation.

In fact, I know of multiple incidents where a manufacturer has worked long and hard to get a product in with a famous chain store, only to see that retailer turn around and find a Chinese-made alternative (see this week’s sale for one). It is hard to believe, but our own chains stores are selling out our small businesses! How can our nation grow the next great American company if our chain stores are busy snuffing them out? We don’t have to settle for that!

I have one thing to say to those soulless chains stores:

More than 95% of the 600+ suppliers on are small, family-owned businesses. We not only give them a free way to publicize themselves to you, we inject money into them with each purchase!

Get great Made in USA products, buy American-Made, be sure about worker and product safety and tell those chain stores where they can go by buying direct on

Featured Supplier of the Week: Texas Jeans

What could be more true blue American than blue jeans? Sadly, the big makers not only sold us out, but kept raising the prices! Texas jeans not only makes great jeans here out of USA-grown cotton, but they make an awesome product for often under $35!

New Items:

The Flying Turtle Sit-Skate Scooter is made of 100% American parts in Brentwood, Tennessee. Kids instantly know how to make it go and have great fun! It is safe, too, with no sharp edges and a low center of gravity. Developed by a retired Boeing engineer for his grandson, this is one fun toy!

WG Wood Products makes a number of fun, beautiful home products. We have added their spice rack, magazine rack and several of their toilet paper holders. Beautiful in their natural state or paintable and each comes with a lifetime warranty.

Rada super-high-quality, yet fairly-priced kitchen tools have been such a huge hit, we keep adding more of their products. This week’s additions include an ice cream scoop, serrated pie server and mini server. An ice cream scoop that will last decades for under $15? Yes!

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USA vs. Import Onslaught

This country was shaped by the growth of our manufacturing industry. In 1800, the USA did less than 1% of the world’s manufacturing, but by 1938 was responsible for nearly 1/3 of production worldwide.

The constant onslaught of imports equates with a deliberate taking of our factories and jobs to Asia. It means literally thousands of our factories have moved abroad. Our own big retail chains not only encouraged the shift, but continue to pay lobbyists to open the gates even further. Washington continues its deluded sleep while Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo rise at our economy’s expense.

We can lament the losses and waste, but we still need to act. The USA was not created by Washington. Our nation was created by millions of individuals acting for ideals of liberty, freedom and justice.

Many politicians pretend they can fix it to maintain their façade of power. The truth is that 70% of our economy is driven by the people. Government at all levels and business spending combined make up the other 30% (It is interesting to note that in China’s false economy, those percentages are nearly reversed). We the people hold vastly more power than they ever will. When Americans truly decide to demand Made in USA, amazing change will follow. Washington will probably take credit and big business will finally “see the light” in a profit opportunity, but the end result will be positive for all of us.

Good jobs will be abundant again. Companies will gladly invest in their employees. The strong economy will drive real growth and increase tax revenue (without higher tax rates), and this national lethargy will be defeated.

Almost every generation of Americans faced hardship and came out it better and stronger. Our generation’s challenges are less obvious, but are thus more insidious. We must break out of this decline mode in our economy now or face a rapid fade into history.

What must an American do? What can an individual do? Only renewing our industrial base will turn this economy around. We vote with every purchase--vote USA, China or some other nation. Standing against this onslaught isn’t easy, but nothing worth standing for is easy. Stand with me, please: for our nation, our children’s future and these United States of America! Vote USA! Thank you!

Featured Supplier This Week: EZ-DUZ-IT Can Opener

John J. Steuby Company is a small, family-owned, St. Louis-area business that decided enough is enough. They bought the machinery that used to make handheld can openers and started making them here in our nation for the first time in decades. Solid steel, high quality and built to last many years--all for under $10!

New Items:

The TBone Luggage Extension Handle is from a brand new California company with a dream and the spirit to make it here! Ever notice how luggage handles are too short? This fixes that! Makes walking through airports easier for taller or tired travelers, folks with a touch of arthritis or anyone who has struggled with those too-short handles.

I was so impressed with the solid, fairly-priced Pizza Cutter and Peeler we received from Rada a couple weeks ago that it’s no surprise these items have been a big hit! We are rapidly expanding with their USA products. This week, we introduce their Paring Knife, Tomato Slicer and Butcher Knife. The Paring Knife looks like it will easily last a decade or more for under $6! Compare that to the junk imports they are trying to pretend are knives at Mega-Mart!

Liver Luv Treats for dogs are made by another new startup in California called The Ugly Dog Biscuit. Made one batch at a time with USA-raised beef liver, whole wheat and cornmeal, these treats contain no preservatives. Dogs go bonkers over them!

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Happy Birthday USA!!!

Something new was created in 1776. More than just a nation, an idea of liberty, freedom and self-determination was born!

Our great nation has gone through a lot of challenges since. Almost every generation of Americans has faced some trial, and in the end that trial bonded us together and made us better and stronger than before.

This generation gets to decide whether the USA will grow to even greater heights or fade into history.

Deindustrialization (literally the moving of our factories to Asia) is undermining our industrial might and eliminating good jobs by the millions--all in the name of short-term greed and in the guise of “low, low prices”.

The good news is tens of thousands of our people are awakening and, with your help, eagerly spreading the word to many thousands more. We started six years ago with a few dozen folks. Now, when I send out this newsletter, I hear the roar of tens of thousands! Thank you!

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This Fourth of July, please have a great time with those you care about, safely enjoy yourselves and know this: we not only can, but are turning around this fiendish malaise our nation is facing! We are rallying nearly every sort of American to our nation’s Made in USA cause, and WE are growing like wildfire!

Years down the road, we will teach children how Americans again rolled up their sleeves and fixed it!

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Featured Supplier This Week – Glass Dharma

Make this hot summer a bit more fun drinking cool drinks with glass straws from Glass Dharma. Glass straws?!? Absolutely! Glass straws not only keep those plastic ones out of the landfill, they are strong, elegant and fun! Yes, they really are strong, and in fact the maker guarantees them for life. Handmade in California.

New Products

We have just started working with the USA supplier Rada, and I think we will be seeing a lot more of them. Folks were asking for a Made in USA vegetable peeler and also a pizza cutter, so we hunted these two down. I am very impressed with the quality and price, so we will be looking at adding a number of their products in the months to come.

Tru makes amazing iPhone cases here! We have added their patriotic version for either the iPhone 5 or 4/4S.

We have added an attractive napkin basket by Krasco to those we already have. They are made one at a time in Indiana and will last decades.