Made in USA Articles June 2013


Making a Made in USA Difference

One of my suppliers recently mentioned in passing that the company was temporarily short of business. It was just an issue of timing between customer orders, but it meant sending hourly employees home early. I did some quick calculations. I knew that I was going to have to order from them next month anyway, so I placed the order to keep their staff working and making money this week.

It is thanks to your orders that we are able to do that. We are small, but growing rapidly, and are already reaching the point where our orders can make a real difference.

95% of our suppliers are small, family-owned businesses. They know their employees and are not the kind of folks to send work to China just to save a few pennies. There is a certain sense of pride that gives me hope for the future of our great nation.

Our business already means a lot to many of these suppliers and is growing. It runs the gambit on order sizes, depending on the item and the season. However, as with our 600+ suppliers, we are making a difference somewhere all the time!

I will make sure keeps growing as rapidly as humanly possible. In fact, we are talking to some very cool new suppliers that I will tell you more about next month!

Your support makes all of this possible. Thank you!!!

Featured Supplier – Valley Forge Flags

Valley Forge Flags has been making awesome USA flags in our great nation for over 75 years! Their flags were with our troops in places like WWII at Normandy and across the Pacific. They have even flown with the Apollo missions! I am holding one now, and I can feel the quality, the 50 individually embroidered stars and all the history! No need to buy foreign-made when these are under $25!

New Products –

We have a brand new USA supplier just now launching: Groundal Sandals for women. These very comfortable sandals not only do all that you would expect, they also keep the wearer in their “natural state of being grounded to the earth”. Available now in black, but other colors will follow.

The “Bread Bag” by Best Products keeps bread fresh for days. The two layers of fabric are pre-shrunk and washer safe. It will be your bread’s best friend for years to come!


Standing Together for Made in USA

There is zero doubt that Made in USA is vital for our nation. Making things is who we are as a people and is in our blood. Beyond that, there is no doubt that a healthy national economy requires manufacturing to create good paying jobs and a strong tax base.

I am optimistic that, thanks to your help, our efforts are making a real difference. We directly assist well over 600 USA businesses and are growing every week. Most of these businesses are family-owned. With each purchase, money is injected into those businesses, which helps some grow, allows others to add shifts or new employees and may even keep a few from closing. There is a lot of talk in the media, but any businessperson will tell you that banks are very rarely lending. So, this real cash flow your business allows us to provide our suppliers is very important.

On a larger scale, together we are bringing this topic into the broader national discussion. We are still a small percentage of the populace, but I’m happy to say that we’re a loud one. Plus, we are growing and getting more and more folks’ attention. I have done more than 300 radio interviews and have been on TV six times because Americans out there are interested. They just need to understand that there is a choice beyond what is on the shelves where they typically shop. They can make a difference for our nation with each purchase, just like you and I do!

Anyway, even if our effort ends up being a complete failure, I would rather go down swinging. The USA is too important to fade into history while I can draw a breath. As long as God keeps me able, this USA effort will grow and grow for many decades to come!

Feature Supplier: Aero-Tech

Aero-Tech is the last maker of light bulbs in the USA using components from our nation. Not only are they made here, but these high-quality bulbs last 20,000 hours. Forget those Chinese CFL blubs that have mercury in them; check out amazing light bulbs still made in our nation at this link:

New Items:

We have been working with Green Toys since the beginning and it is such a thrill to see their success! They added three new toys – a very cool rocket, a shape sorter and a teething key toy. All their items are made from recycled plastic without BPA or any other dangerous stuff. All the Green Toys products are good fun, can withstand real kid play and are Made in USA from recycled materials, so they are awesome on many levels!

Liz’s Hidden Picture Puzzles book “50 States of Fun” is not only fun, but a great way to learn about our nation! As a father, I feel this sort of interactive book is not just fun for kids, but good for learning and brain development.

Southern Bamboo uses bamboo and soy grown right here in the USA and other American materials to make beautiful, long-life candles. Even the wick is USA-grown cotton! Scents include French Vanilla, Coconut Lime Verbena, Gardenia, Pumpkin Spice, Gingersnap, Christmas Pine and Winter Wonderland. Candles will last 20 to 30 hours.

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What Do Our Troops Return Home To?

“A man who is good enough to shed his blood for the country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards.” -Theodore Roosevelt

With our military efforts in Iraq over and Afghanistan tentatively scheduled to end in December 2014, we can all be thankful for our military’s service and hopeful that USA sacrifices in the region will be coming to an end.

What seriously troubles me is the lack of opportunity our people will have when they come home. Throughout our history, there was always at least an opportunity for our heroes upon their return: jobs that paid enough to get married, buy a modest home, raise some kids and maybe save a bit. That humble opportunity is the least that our nation should be able to offer to the men and women who put service to our country ahead of all else.

Sadly, outsourcing our factories and jobs to Asia for the sake of short-term profits and the myth of “low, low prices” has nearly killed our nation’s ability to provide jobs for returning soldiers. One big chain store recently offered a job for each returning soldier, but the wretched irony is how much that firm and its ilk have done to bury USA factories and good paying jobs. That company expects our heroes to buy homes and raise families on $8 an hour? It’s lunacy!

Only a renewal in our nation’s manufacturing base can create the real jobs necessary to employ our returning troops in the kind of jobs that will give them the opportunity to succeed.

Manufacturing here is vital because it not only creates jobs in that factory, but at all the factory’s suppliers and the companies that service all of them! Every dollar spent on USA-manufactured goods ripples through our economy with a beneficial multiplier effect. Plus, all those working folks can avoid welfare, actually pay taxes and get busy stimulating our economy in their own ways!

Join me in standing for our nation, our people and our return troops! Buy Made in USA!

Featured Supplier: California North

California North makes amazing personal care items for men. They also make wonderful products for women under their Appellation Spa brand. Most personal care product makers spend much more on advertising than on creating the utmost product. However, California North is a small, science-and-results-driven company. For example, I have an unruly, thick beard that was a challenge to shave without cutting myself until I started using California North Razor Shavecream. Now, I hardly ever cut myself and my skin is soft! It is not cheap, but it’s worth every penny.

New Products:

Sloggers is a family-owned company that has been making lawn and gardening boots in Southern California for 55 years! These super cute shoes and boots for women easily slip on, are oh so comfy and take great care of your feet from earliest spring through the end of fall. They look great not just in the garden, but at the café or wherever. It is little wonder that women are wearing them not just in the garden, but all weekend! You have to see these cute shoes at the “New Items Link” below.

Anti Itch Balm makes a wonderful steroid-free, all natural, organic balm to ease itching. Don’t assume naturals cannot beat chemicals until you try this balm, made in New Jersey to exacting standards.

“Made in USA” is a fun card game for the whole family, combining elements of a card game with those of dominos. Includes two packs of cards and easy instructions. Great for a picnic or just to drag those kids away the TV!

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"Made in USA" Heals Our Nation

There are so many great reasons to buy American-Made products! A healthy economy needs a thriving manufacturing industry to create real, good paying jobs and remain strong.

The so-called official unemployment rate has dropped, but that does not truly gauge reality as it ignores the millions who are underemployed (working part-time, but need full-time work), stuck in low-paying jobs outside their field or have been unemployed over a year. The government acts like the problem is solved by lowering the official unemployment rate when someone starts a part-time job pouring coffee instead of contributing something important. It is little wonder real wages are dropping.

Our citizens should at least have a chance of getting a good job that can pay the bills and maybe even pay enough to have a family, own a home and enjoy a little security.

We get meaningless echoes instead of answers from Federal Reserve in Washington. They print money, but these shell games they play cannot heal our economy. Only a return to our American manufacturing roots can bring balance and prosperity back to our national economy and people.

As many of you know, I worked for an American tech company in two stints for a total of seven years in Asia. Every major Asian nation looks out for its own economy first. China, South Korea, Japan, etc. all look out for their own industries first, only importing what they must and sending surplus manufacturing goods to the USA. Our open economy and our willingness let our industries die to get a cheaper low, low price at Mega-Mart is a joke in Asia.

The joke is on us, but it does not have to be that way. It is time to take a stand and support our nation – buy American-Made whenever possible.

We vote USA or some other nation with each purchase. Please join me and Vote USA!

New Items:

Creative Sales, the maker of some of very imaginative items, has added two great new products. First, the Laptop Cool Stand helps keep your notebook computer cool and well- ventilated without using further electricity! Their All-in-1 Sharpener sharpens many types of tools, knives and pruners: no more need to buy a separate sharpener for each!

The “Flight of Honor” is a stainless steel eagle sculpture lovingly handcrafted in Indiana. It comes with or without emblems, such as for various armed services.

Lounge Skirts specializes only in wonderful women’s skirts! We have added six impressive styles, including lots of great looks in various fabrics. I am very excited to be working with this woman-owned small business success story!

Diversified Distribution makes wonderful sponge products right here in the USA and previously available only in hair salons. We will now be carrying sponges for the bath, shower and makeup removal, from the only made in the USA source I know!

Yost specializes in one thing – vices. That means any type of vice needed by anyone, from the hobbyist through the most serious machinists. They are not cheap, but are seriously strong vices that will last a lifetime. Any real tool guy will be thrilled to have a Yost!

Special Sale This Week – Wickers Underwear & Sports Gear

Wickers makes the best underwear and sports clothing around, right here in the USA. There are lots of foreign-made wannabe sports brands, but I can personally attest to Wickers’ awesome level of performance, as I wear them nearly every day. Not only are they made here, but nothing matches their moisture-wicking capabilities to keep guys and gals comfy--not just at the gym, but outside, at the office and in ANY situation where you need to stay cool and comfortable.

Featured Supplier: Our Toy Section

All too often, I hear questions like, “Why are no toys made here?” However, there are lots of great toys made here! We carry stuffed animals, green toys, cardboard toy houses kids can actually draw on, slinky, many awesome wood toys and many others! There is very often no need to buy a potentially dangerous, chemical-laced imported toy when there are so many awesome choices made here in our nation by our people.

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