Made in USA Articles - July 2012


Thank you for the outpouring of support to my request for help getting American-Made items to our athletes! Thanks to you and the team’s help spreading the word, so far we have already been able to send packages to two USA athletes! They have been sent real Made in USA items and $100 gift certificates. Their privacy is a key issue, but we hope to send more packages in the very near future.

Simple Truths

A customer recently told me that “Buying Made in USA is just like buying local, but on a bigger scale!”

I got caught up in his enthusiasm and the simple truth of it.

We know that buying something locally grown or produced means recycling money directly within our community. That person whom we hand that money to might employ the neighbor down the street and so on. From there it is easy to imagine a dollar moving throughout a community and even back to the original person.

Our nation is the same way when be buy what we produce. We might never know that farmer, trucker, plant employee, but if they are employed because we buy within our own nation, they can provide for their kids, pay taxes, etc. all because they had the opportunity to add value.

A successful national economy provides what it needs for its own people. Those few things that must be imported are traded with other nations with equal value changing hands. The USA that became a great nation needed every kind of person, from the engineer to the tinkerer, from the man that worked with his hands to the architect and so on. When we had a relative trade balance from the 40’s through the late 60’s, there was growth and opportunity. It was not perfect, but folks at least had choices and could expect that if they worked hard they could have a good chance to live a better life.

Through ignorance, arrogance or both Washington and our own corporations opened the flood gate, and took us down the road to unsustainable trade and budget deficits. At today’s big companies there is too often an attitude where this quarter’s bonus means more than our children’s future.

However, as pressured as our middle class has become, we the people still hold much more power than we realize. Our spending controls 70% of GNP whereas the other 30% is all government and business spending COMBINED (in China’s fake economy, the ratios just opposite). Just our shifting a few purchases a month from foreign-made to made in USA a month changes the dynamic and makes things a lot better.

This great nation created through the hard work of millions of Americans, can be fixed by us! Imagine that! Maybe we do not need so many politicians after all!


Please Help Me Get “Made in USA” Gift Packs to Our Olympic Team

I have been haunted by the fact that our USA Olympic Team is being forced to wear Chinese-Made uniforms for the upcoming London games.

Therefore, we are going to do something about it – free gift packs with real Made in USA items. I don’t need money (I will pay all the costs involved including shipping here or even to London), but what I need is information. We need names of athletes, addresses, and sizes if possible. Sadly, we cannot seem to use official channels, but can possibly do a lot behind the scenes.

We will absolutely protect the privacy of the athletes receiving the gift packs, as I know the Olympic Committee has a lot of “rules” and the athletes are watched. Please help me spread the word. If you have a contact or other information please send it to me at

Our athletes may have to wear Ralph Lauren’s hideous logo blazer, but perhaps we can put real USA grown cotton t-shirts on a few, etc…

New Items:

I am very excited about this new product from a Utah startup! The Solar Flare solar cooker just has so many great uses – Cooking during camping, water purification, emergencies, boating, etc. without using propane. It is completely green and amazingly efficient! There have been solar cookers before, but this one finally perfects the art of it!


Ralph Lauren’s Olympic Size Fiasco

The fact is our Team USA athletes are going to be forced to wear Chinese-Made uniforms at the upcoming Olympics. Once this leaked out it set the Internet ablaze late last week. It has been a badly bruising issue with the US Olympic Committee and the designer of the uniforms, Ralph Lauren.

There are some key points beyond the media coverage -- First, public sentiment (outcry) can make a difference – Ralph Lauren and the US Olympic Committee initially tried to defend their position, but quickly realized they were untenable. Within hours both had folded, and announced future uniforms will be made here.

When “We the people” shine a light on something, things really can change! Ralph Lauren, who often wraps himself in the colors of a patriot, must have been aghast to see the huge reaction to his naked greed.

Beyond that, how important it is to stick to the truth and do a bit of research. Their initial line of defense was “It is not made here anymore”, yet a 10 second Internet search shows that we have those blue blazers, pants, etc. right on sites like for immediate shipment!

Accountability and integrity DO mean something in our great nation!

New Items:

D’Accord makes fun, vivacious men’s shirts in Miami. Not only stylish, but ready for the worst of the heat! We have added three new styles.

Jacob Bromwell, one of our oldest suppliers, is very neat! Nearly everything about them says “American History”. They have reintroduced their Potato Baker. Their design of it is nearly 200 years old!

The Card Caddie is an outdoor or car attached business card holder. These are awesome for salesreps! Just stick the Card Caddie anywhere your customers might show an interest and they walk away with a clean, crisp copy of your business card!


It “Feels Good” to Buy Made in USA

It does feel good to buy products from our nation.

It is cool knowing how many lives are touched with a USA purchase. The farmer that grows the cotton, etc. all the way through that last bit of final assembly, Americans working, creating value, doing something real for you! They have a chance to do something real because of you. Nearly all our 580+ suppliers are small, family owned businesses.

It is stand for not just for jobs here, but also for our worker safety, product safety and environmental standards. We want those safe standards, which are often ignored by foreign producers and subcontractors. Child labor is all too often a question abroad. It feels good to take an important stand.

There are so many great reasons to feel good about buying American-Made because it IS good!

Ultimately, it is about our nation’s future. Things are already tough today and getting worse, therefore when we buy made in USA, we are working for our grandchildren’s future too. We can feel great that we are taking a stand for our kid’s future, our nation, this shining light of freedom.

It is about so much more than just buying a pair of jeans, etc. Beyond the great quality and fair price, mountains are moving one shipment at a time.

I believe we are put here to make a difference. Thanks to you, we do!

New Items:

The Footlog Foot Pain Relief tool stimulates reflex points to ease pain. Relaxes muscles and joints without medication for under $20. Often seen on TV.

DiebetiCream Foot Cream takes foot comfort to new level. Especially created for diabetic and neuropathic sufferer’s foot conditioning. Also, great for those with dry foot skin.

The VaccUFlex vacuum attachment gives your vacuum hundreds of new uses for under $15!

Two new items from Texas Jeans including a fun Ladies Lightweight Shortall (overall with shorts) and a men’s Hidden Pocket pair of jeans to keep your wallet safe.

Stylish safari and fatigue jackets from Stan Ray made right here with USA fabric!