Made in USA Articles January 2013


Made in USA: We CAN Make it Happen

One of the neat things about my having had the opportunity to work abroad for seven years was that it helped me to really see and appreciate my home nation!

Other countries talk about freedom, but we make it happen! China is in theory a worker-run nation, but in fact they are police state where even the slightest question of authority can land someone in jail or worse.

The USA also largely has a "Can Do" attitude that I just did not see in other nations. It may not seem like it on the nightly news or at the big chain stores, but I know plenty of American entrepreneurs working hard to make it here for us. That kind of gumption is a rare asset!

They talk about the "world market", but in fact the USA is the by far the biggest market of middle class (albeit now under pressure) that all businessmen in Korea, China, etc. have their eyes on. We need to acknowledge and utilize this advantage rather than just be the place the world exports to.

It takes a lot of flak, but we in fact have an excellent educational system which provides opportunities to millions. Also, our infrastructure, though it can be improved, is the envy of much of the world. There are huge amounts of natural resources here that could be developed.

Therefore, far from counting our great nation out, I am convinced we will blast through this economic malaise and teach history a thing or two. God bless the United States of America!

Featured Supplier This Week: Schaefer Ranchwear

If you love the Western look, you have got to take a look at Schaefer Ranchwear. They have the single highest quality record of all the 600 USA suppliers we work with, and are so American I think they must bleed Red, White and Blue!

New Items:

Soy Spacasso makes a line of personal care items for men and women that are amazing! They have to be tried to be believed. We have added their body essence spray, hand & body lotion, soy radiance whip, a lip spa balm and radiance whip combo, men's body scrub and men's aftershave/moisturizer.

King Louie has added four fun new shirts and two jackets, all union made in the USA of USA fabric. Two shirts each for men and women that not only look good but have great moisture management properties to help you look great even in hot conditions. The new "Challenger" jacket is stylish for men and women.


Can You Help Me Spread the Made in USA Word?

Time and time again I hear from customers who had wanted to buy Made in USA, but were not aware that the products they wanted were available, or in fact that we existed at all! They sound so happy and liberated that they now have a choice to buy American-Made that it is a joy to chat with them. I just wish they had heard earlier.

Beyond that, the vast majority of folks that I discuss this with are sympathetic because they know buying what is Made in USA creates jobs, keeps our nation strong, is better for the environment, means safer products that typically last much longer and provides a better value proposition. They are also often surprised that the prices are not so much more, or that items like real Made in USA jeans are actually cheaper than the imported versions of the more famous brands.

Our customers to date have either sought us out or heard about me through an interview or news story. You are the folks that notice an issue and fix it — the people who make our nation a better place! Thank you!

Can I trouble you to help spread the word? Please forward this e-mail.

Just as important – If you can post a link to our effort ( on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, after online articles, etc., that really helps spread the word!

For instance, say you read an interesting blog post or article on toy safety; that would be a great place to post a brief comment and link to us. Thank you!

Featured Supplier This Week: Goodnighties

Goodnighties makes wonderful sleep wear mostly for women, though there are a few items for men too. The fabric is an amazing four-way stretch, non-binding and anti-microbial, with many more benefits! They show key traits of a new generation of American manufacturers – Doing it better, in effect adding more and more value to overcome chintzy foreign imports! Check them out at the link below:

(Note: Featured suppliers do not pay for this privilege. I just consider factors like timeliness, how interesting and the company’s commitment to making products in our great nation.)

New Items

Coloriffic makes fun sports, seasonal and music-themed decorative light switch covers and other products. They even have a clock that looks like a guitar, made with real USA electrical components. It is all very creative and fun!

Brahms Mount Textiles are true artisans, weaving heirloom quality blankets in Maine. They are not cheap, but if you want something beautiful and warm that was created by true artists’ hands, this is for you.

Goodnighties, our featured supplier this week, has added three new products for women. Three cute new styles with ruffles!

EddyStone has another cool new pure Titanium product. A dog tag that says how much the wearer loves our nation! It is artistic, beautiful and a great saying! Includes steel bead chain that has been made in our nation since 1938, all for under $20!


The "Made in USA" Multiplier Effect

Not too many decades ago, we were the world’s factory. Our factories and the sacrifices of generations of Americans built the greatest nation the world had ever known: a shining beacon of freedom and democracy for the rest of the world, where living standards almost always rose, where parents could expect their hard work to mean something and so on.

What happened? How did we lose the war without losing a single battle? Poor government, corporate greed, apathy -- the list goes on and on -- but we can see it in the moment we started to sacrifice our manufacturing base. History shows that the super power that builds nothing is not a super power for long.

Luckily, we can still turn this around. We can’t wait for business or government to act. However, we the people have so much more power than folks realize. If we buy American-Made instead of made in China, etc. we are in effect voting for our own great nation.

That dollar spent goes far beyond just the value of that dollar; it in turn means business for all of the manufacturer’s suppliers, shippers and so on! This is “multiplier effect” is at least 1.7 times the amount spent. Yes, that means that every $100 spent on something with a Made in USA label means at least $170 in direct energy going into OUR economy (or into China, if we buy something made there).

You can and should feel good about buying what we make here, because it makes a real difference to so many, great and small!

Featured Supplier:

Spinzit is an amazing hand held ratchet. Spins super fast and prevents back turning. Made in the USA and costs less than $20!

New Items:

We added lots of fun puzzles that show university stadiums!

The Kirsch family farm, our source for amazing maple syrup, has added a six pack of 8oz syrup containers at a special price. This makes gift giving easy!

The Original Sock Monkey has entertained generations of kids. Now we have a kit to make your own straight from our sock supplier, Fox River Socks. They also have a pattern book available.

Best Door Stopper has invented (what else?) the very best door stopper! It’s the perfect solution for whatever reason you need that door to stay open, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Two pack for under $10.

1/5/13 on National News!

We blew the door off the hinges in 2012! Record shipments, orders, and new suppliers!

I thought things were about to calm down last Saturday the 22nd of December. Then, the phone rang. Fox national television news wanted to send a team Sunday to see our operations and interview me on our important topic! It went great! They replayed the story nationally on Christmas Eve at least five times (Link to See The Interview) and what should have been a quiet Christmas Eve brought our busiest day ever!

We are making serious progress with every type of media and from every political perspective. In the end, we Americans have so much more in common than the issues that divide us -- family, our nation's health and future, good jobs and opportunity for our people, and many more. We can heal our nation together through buying more of what is made by our own people. The massive trade deficit is killing jobs, stealing factories, and bleeding our nation dry. I will continue to reach out and spread the word wherever possible. Others try to profit by dividing or exploiting our people and nation, but we can only turn our nation around through unity.

It was an amazing way to end the year!

Our progress is all because of your help spreading the word! Your help in walking the walk,talking to others, posting about our efforts via Facebook, blogs, etc. makes the difference!

2013 is going to be another big year-- a year of action. Stayed tuned!