Made in USA Articles August 2013


Fix USA Problems First

I am not sure how we became the world’s policeman, but I don’t like it.

We have plenty of problems to focus on here at home. Unemployment and underemployment remain rampant, no matter what the government figures are spewing, real wages are dropping and the trade and budget deficits remain mathematically unsustainable, just to name a few.

Rather than Washington’s song and dance, let’s focus on domestic issues. Each international quagmire puts more and more drag on our economy without addressing any of the issues that actually pay the bills.

However, a renewed and vibrant United States of America is a message of freedom and hope in itself.

There is only one way left to fix our economy now – through restoring our manufacturing base.

Manufacturing, unlike the service industry, sends a potent economic multiplier effect throughout our economy because of all the suppliers each manufacturer utilizes (and so on).

We as consumers have the power, as we are literally 70% of our nation’s economy. ALL government and business spending combines to make up the rest. Consumers demanding USA products is the way to turn this tide.

Featured Supplier:

360 Cookware products are made in Wisconsin from 5-ply steel and alloy to last a lifetime. They are not cheap, but are built to be the last cookware you will ever need to buy. As a parent, I am particularly concerned with chemicals leaching from foreign-made pans. No worries here. We have some at home, so I can personally attest to the amazing quality.

New Items:

So many folks contacted us recently asking for a huge “bath sheet” towel made in the USA that we have a special order in to the mill. These are 70” long! That is enough towel to wrap up anybody in comfort and then some! It has been added to the website and will be available to ship by mid to late September.

Topcor, the Irvine, CA maker behind some of our other cool products, has added a very neat tech wallet, bike phone mount and sports arm band. All of these items hold a smartphone or iPhone in an easy to carry or wear product! Very innovative and useful for today’s active Americans for under $25!

From a new supplier: the Good Wish Umbrella Bow Bouquet Holder is a unique product that is provided to the recipient at bridal or baby showers. It has pressure clips to snap the bows on easily. It can be used again and again.

Karenhelenz Handiworks hand-creates amazing baby products, including the updated Toddler Hooded Cape, now in green, blue, red, butterfly snowscape and autumn leaves. This hooded cape easily keeps baby comfortable when moving from warm to cool settings. And, it is a handcrafted work of art!

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Special USA Towel Sale

As you know, it is very hard to get premium Made in USA towels.

There is one great mill left, 1888 Mills of Griffin Georgia, and even they also have mills abroad. Luckily, we have nurtured a close relationship with their folks to make sure we can get true Made in USA towels that really use USA cotton.

Forget the chintzy imported towels at the big retail chains. These USA towels are plush, substantial and oh-so-soft!

For me, these towels brought back memories of the very nice towels my grandmother had in her house when I was little. I had not held that kind of quality in twenty years.

Though there is a shortage in the market, a big truck came and we have supply! In that situation, rather than take the opportunity to raise prices, as you know, I like to reward our true blue USA customers with a special sale.

Made in USA 1888 Magnificence (our plushest and best seller), Millennium (in many colors) and Rapture (least expensive) towels are on a special sale this week only: Link to Special USA Towel Sale

Featured Supplier: Mattress Safe

Mattress Safe of Georgia produces some amazing mattress and pillow covers. They have developed technology to protect us in our sleep from bedbugs and dust mites, while keeping the covers impressively soft to the touch!

Extend the life of a mattress, protect against stains and critters and get a better night’s sleep without having to worry.

They also have "luggage cover" to keep bedbugs off your luggage in hotels, thus preventing unwanted guests from returning home with you.

New Items:

Sunset Sunscreen and Insect Repellent serves a dual purpose, protecting against the sun and mosquitoes with a single product. They have been real life tested by our military across the globe for over two decades! I really could have used this with my kids just last month, when I brought the sunscreen and left behind the insect repellent (with predictable results)!

Smart Cell Anti-Fatigue mats are used across USA industry and are now available for home use! Stay energized while working more comfortably! They come in gray, light brown and black, and have an eight year warranty. This is going to be big!

Maple Landmark makes wonderful wood toys in Vermont. They were one of our first suppliers and I am always impressed with their very high quality wood toys at a fair price. We have added three new ones: a top, a Spinner story learning tool and the Made By Me box set. The Made By Me box set includes four toys your budding engineers can (easily) put together and decorate themselves! This is not only a solid hardwood toy, but something that can creatively stimulate young minds to build something they can take pride in it. Fun!

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Back to School USA Jeans Blowout

There is actually a USA-made jeans shortage at the moment. However, with school starting again shortly, I wanted to give our true blue Americans a real USA choice.

After all, what could be more American than blue jeans? They irony of having our loved ones wear jeans made in China is almost too much to stand.

Luckily, I have been buying up supply. I would not call it ample, and in fact we were just let down by a supplier. However, rather than take the opportunity to raise prices, I am running a very special sale this week only!

Not only are these jeans sewn here, the cotton is grown here and the cloth is woven here: a true red, white and blue jean, so to speak.

Whether you have a loved one eyeing textbooks or just want some for yourself, please take this opportunity to stock up. If we run out, you have my promise that we will do everything humanly possible to catch up as fast as possible.

Yes, we hem the length. When you select a length there are standard lengths listed first at no extra cost. Special lengths are listed after for an extra $4, which covers part of my cost for that service.

Those big chains don’t have these jeans…

Featured Supplier: Wickers Sportswear & Underwear

There is an American brand of sportswear that not only makes their products here from USA fabric, but from a performance perspective blows Nike and Under Armor out of the water! I know from firsthand experience, Wickers clothing keeps one cool and dry in hot circumstances. The difference between a sweat-soaked t-shirt and a crisp Wickers t-shirt is plain to see on the very first use!

Plus, they are our underwear supplier! They are not cheap, but are amazingly comfortable and durable!

Working out, working in the warehouse, wearing a suit and wearing jeans, I have put Wickers to the test in every circumstance, and they always perform!

New Items:

GAIM Engineering of Illinois makes some very innovative products right here in the USA. The Totasak easily and comfortably allows users to carry multiple grocery bags. I was impressed with the innovative design and how sturdy it is. The Wedge Gutter Scoop is just the perfect design and size to clear gutters and has many other uses too! The Wedge Downspout screen easily fits over gutters to help prevent leaves and other blockage. Their Plantopia Hanging Garden Planter and Plantopia Fence and Deck Planter are both designed by a gardener for gardeners. All of their products use very sturdy, substantial materials designed to last decades.

Ladderwerx products have been designed by a painter for painters and other contractors who use ladders. They are designed to reduce slipping while reducing potential damage to walls, gutters and eaves.

We are continuing our expansion of the very popular Rada kitchen tools we carry this week. They’re sturdy, light, well balanced, stylish, dishwasher safe and very reasonably priced! This week, we add their steak knives and real carving fork. That carving fork will last a decade or more for under $8!

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Korea Inc. Goes After USA-Made Whirlpool

In spite of being found guilty of dumping their washing machine products on the USA market, Korea’s government-supported makers Samsung and LG (Lucky Goldstar) are continuing to export greater and greater amounts to our nation. Combined, they have gone from just over 10% market share to over 25% of the USA appliance market in just five years!

Samsung and LG have been able to accomplish this by buying sweetheart deals with national retail chains to foster this dangerous penetration into our market. One only need walk into a Best Buy to see that it has literally given over the center of the store to serve as a Samsung showroom. A Best Buy manager told me privately that Samsung even has contractors dressed very similarly to Best Buy employees there to push their products.

Most Whirlpool (who now also owns Maytag) appliances are at least assembled here, if not completely made here. All Samsung and LG appliances are made abroad. This import surge is directly costing good American jobs at our appliance makers and their hundreds of suppliers. Washington may be willing to give up one of the last vestiges of excellent American manufacturing, but I am not!

Whirlpool must be protected from this unfair competition. If retail chains want to be the agents of our national decline, they can take a hike, too!

Please join me in boycotting Samsung and LG appliances and other products. Please help me spread the word by forwarding this note, mentioning on Facebook, etc. – Boycott Samsung & LG appliances and other products.

Featured Supplier: Motown Soup

With all the bad news coming out of Detroit, I wanted to share a story about a USA group that’s doing good in the trenches there. Motown Soup is a non-profit, run by volunteers, that feeds the hungry and homeless. They sell an excellent soup sample pack to pay for their efforts. My family really enjoyed it. It is not just good food; it is about doing something good for others.

There are plenty of issues with Detroit, but surely a hungry child bears no blame.

New Items:

Keelshield makes some wonderful boat protection products right here in the USA. The Keelshield guards a boat’s keel while beaching or coming up concrete ramps. There is also a Kevlar version. Bowshield protects the bow from docks, bow trailers and bow rollers.

Pet lovers are always asking us to increase the number of products we have for them, so I am glad to introduce the small, family owned “Hot Dog Collars”. We are launching with their “Colonial Stars” leash and collar. Both not only look great, but are machine washable. Durable, strong and great for active dogs.

We have added three-packs of both the Bionic Grip and Bionic Wrench from Loggerhead Tools. This maker of solid, innovative hand tools has been a personal favorite for several years, even before Sears kicked them off its shelves and copied their designs. If Dad is a real tool guy, he will really appreciate these!

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The $26,000,000,000,000 Question

Foreigners now own more than $26 trillion dollars in USA assets! That is an increase of 1300% in twenty years!

The vast majority of this growth is from them leaving part of the trade deficit here. They have been funding our massive trade and government budget deficits. This is simply not mathematically sustainable. These figures are from the government’s own Bureau of Economic Analysis, through 2012. In my opinion, when the government openly publishes scary data without declaring an emergency, the truth is even worse.

However, it is an emergency: the lion’s share is assets they consider liquid, meaning rapidly transferable home, which could easily spark a crisis here when it happens at once. They are funding our government debt at every level, which will stop at some point. We are already beholden to governments, like China, that do not respect freedom, because they have in effect become Washington’s banker. Rather than live within their means, Washington would rather stay addicted to borrowing, and the big drug dealer in town is China.

We saw thousands of our factories close for the sake of low, low prices at Mega-Mart and we lost millions of good jobs, put our middle class on the endangered species list, and now the nations that hate freedom have more and more influence in Washington.

Only a renewal of our manufacturing base can turn this around. Our economy is still 70% consumer spending, with government at all levels and business making up the rest. When We the People decide to change over to buying Made in USA products, change will happen.

Business will follow the profit potential (like they did with organic products) and Washington will make an appearance just in time to take credit for it. However, it’s our nation and we can do what Americans do best – roll up our sleeves and fix it!

Just shifting a few purchases a month to American-Made makes a huge difference.

Thank you!

Featured Supplier – King Louie Sportswear

King Louie makes a wide array of men’s and women’s shirts and jackets in a myriad of sizes and colors. They also show that union-made does not have to mean expensive. Considering their great value--meaning quality over time versus initial cost--they are always a very good deal.

New Products:

DaySpring is a small, family-owned business that makes wonderful-smelling tart burner candles. Perfect for electric wax warmers or melters with tealight candles.

Bare Ground, another family-owned operation, makes organic pest repellents. They use scents to keep unwanted critters out of your yard or garden while keeping it safe for pets, kids and you!

Green Toys, maker of awesome toys from recycled plastic, has come out with a very cute new tractor! Your little one is sure to enjoy this Made in USA tractor that costs under $20!

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