Made in USA Articles August 2012


Doing Something Real for Our Economy - Now Over 600 Suppliers

Thank you so much for your support and help spreading the word!

We are now over 600 suppliers! All are making it here in our nation with USA content! 98% are small family owned businesses!

Unlike the big retail chains, every dollar spent here and with our suppliers STAYS in our nation! Supporting our own people, creating jobs, and keeping our nation great!

You have seen a lot of growth with us. Thousands of products, tens of thousands have signed up for this newsletter, and over 11,000 “friends” on Facebook in just a year and half.

My premise was we could do a lot of good for our nation and our people and still have an awesome shopping experience. As I discuss in my book, I was haunted by what I learned working in Asia, and what it meant for our nation. The true moment of my epiphany occurred while holding my newborn daughter the first time six years ago. I looked into those bright eyes and wondered if she would know the nation I knew growing up, where the sky was the limit. Something in her eyes called to me. Would I watch the nation that gave me everything decline or do something about it? Would I, could I be strong enough to try to make real change happen? I faced long odds, a big investment of my own money, quitting my executive role, and working even longer hours. Would I be strong enough to do the right thing or just keep my head down? Just sign me up for the hard choice!

I am so glad I took the leap of faith to create With your help, it has become real, and growth shows no sign of abating. We are able to offer folks a way to shop and actively do something positive and beneficial for our nation at the same time.

I have paid a price, yet grown so much.

We have already pumped a lot of money into many of these small suppliers. They get free advertising to millions who might never know they exist. Not all makers have survived, but many have weathered the storm and even added shifts and employees.

Real change is in the air as folks realize there is a choice. The knowledge that doing good for themselves and for their nation in the same purchase is a reality!

On another topic, I am excited to point out the link at the top of the page. This is a new tool for social media. It literally creates a website of this newsletter for folks that use Facebook, Google, and Twitter to “like” or link to. Also, it allows folks that receive this newsletter forwarded from you to easily sign up to receive it directly from here on out. To go directly to just click this link or any of the others on the newsletter.

New Items:

ABC Hammers is the premier maker of non-marking, non-sparking brass hammers. Made in Chicago, these hammers are perfect for any tool guy! Comes in a very wide range of sizes for all sorts of uses.

We have added unsurpassed cell phone cases and tool holsters from Pope Fine Leather. They are custom made one at a time to order out of the finest USA leather. Amazing attention to detail and natural components, like a real dear crown button, means this is not just an amazinguseful product, but a work of art!

Lucienne’s chocolate is a wonder of crafted sweet. Their sugar-free chocolate tastes so great those that gave up on chocolate formedical or diet restrictions will be thrilled to have it back again! They are chocolate artisans that have taken it to the next level. Ships direct from the maker to assure freshness.

Our sandal maker Okabashi has added new styles. Many are not only stylish, but under $20. Under $20 made in the USA?Absolutely! Proudly made in Georgia.

Featured on Sale This Week:

One of my favorite suppliers is Footskins a maker of great slippers, shoes, and boots in Minnesota. They use real USA leather to make something really special. The slippers are especially popular around the holidays, but at these prices are worth a look now. Exchanges if there is a size question are super easy. Please take a look.


Asia's Secret Subsidy Hitting USA Manufacturers

Sometimes the reality of how our USA manufacturers are held at a disadvantage is so absurd that it seems unbelievable. Our media focuses on wage differences, yet the reality is much more multifaceted.

For example, ever wonder mathematically how they can get all of that stuff across the Pacific half way around the world economically versus making it in Ohio, Illinois, or any other US state? After all, not only do they have to ship raw materials to the factories in China, but they have to ship the finished goods all the way to the USA. One would think the cost of doing that would be prohibitive, yet it has been turned into an advantage.

Our own manufacturers not only have to meet environmental standards when they make something, but also when the raw materials or finished goods are moved here, those trucks or trains that aredoing it are using heavily regulated fuels.

On the other hand, Asian manufacturers use ships that burn completely unregulated fuels. Those low, cost “bunker fuels” give them a big cost advantage.

Can you guess how many times the amount of sulfur alone is in bunker fuel versus diesel? Ten times? Fifty times? 100 times? According to Scientific American it is 1800 times the sulfur of diesel fuel!

I discuss this in more detail in my book “Re-Made in The USA”, but according to the British newspaper The Daily Mail, just 16 of those big cargo container ships create as much pollution as ALL the cars in the world.

The unregulated fuel they use equates to not only a massive amount of pollution, but also a direct subsidy for importers versus our domestic producers. Mega-Mart gets chintzy goods to sell and we get fewer jobs AND dirty air. This has begun to change, as according to the Scientific American article, just this month standards have started along 200 miles of our coast, though we still have a long way to go, as Asian shippers will still be polluting with 600 times more sulfur than diesel fuel near our coast.

It is a travesty that we have to breathe this poison, and that makers in China, Korea, etc. are subsidized in this way while our own manufacturer’s hands are tied. We have known about this issue for someyears, although it is only just getting the attention of the bigger media outlets. I will be bringing it up in a national radio appearance today on Ed Shultz’s show, and pushing hard to get the media’s attention.

Sometimes it seems no small miracle that the USA manufacturers we work with are surviving at all. Thank you for standing with us!

New Items:

New shorts from Kneegard, do what else? Protect the knees! Most shorts do not protect the working man’s knees while keeping him cool. These are made in the USA out of substantial fabric. Mine seem like they will last many, many years!

The original Tube Sock Hat is proudly made in North Carolina using USA cotton. These are made to last. They are fun and will definitely last through any abuse that special guy can dish out.

The Rock Star Teeth Whitening System is made toget you amazingly white teeth. Get an all natural beautiful white smile! Cruelty free, as they never test on animals.

Featured Sale This Week: Patriot’s Edge nail clippers

Patriot’s Edge makes their 4” solid steel clippers one at a time in Alabama. They have been a big seller! Great for nurses, mom’s, anyone with thick, brittle nails, likes more leverage, or just wants the best nail clippers out there. Easy to use and sterilize. The last pair you will ever need to buy.


Where The USA Beats China: Quality & Value

I am often confronted with the question of how we can possibly compete with China. Afterall, they have such low wages, cheat heavily on their currency, are willing to pollute heavily, etc.

Maybe we cannot win the race to the bottom – their high volume, terrible quality production fits well with the “planned obsolescence” that our big retail chains want. Planned obsolescence is intentional low quality with the expectation that customers won’t mind replacing the item rapidly. Some folks think they are getting a deal with “low, low” prices, however if they consider how often theyhave to buy a new one they can see what a bad deal it is.

We have over 590 American Suppliers with now, and they have a common thread that allows them to survive and beat China – Quality. Yes, the items MAY cost more up front, yet when the USA products last much longer that means value.

For example,let’s take a look at a Chinese product that costs $10 versus a USA item at $20.The Chinese item must be replaced annually, whereas the USA one lasts say five years. At the end of five years, the person thinking they got a deal initially with the low quality Chinese product actually ends up spending $50 (five timesthe $10 price) versus $20 on the American-Made product!

Now that is value!

Furthermore, replacing an item all the time is a pain and really bad for the environment. Plus, we help our nation, our people, and protect our way of life every time we choose “Made in USA”!

New items:

I am so excited! The true “Made in USA” rubber ducks are back! What could be more American than the rubber duck? It was invented here and played with for generations. Then something went wrong, and true rubber ducks were no longer available. Celebriducks has gone to a huge expense to make this right again, and now true rubber ducks are being made in Ohio once more.

Plus, the rubber duck is a great example of us working to help struggling, young manufacturers make it here again. Thanks to your support, we are their first retail customer for this product! By our guaranteeing the purchase of volume of their product we help suppliers not only get much needed cash, but also the confidence for that entrepreneur to take the risk knowing we are in their corner.

We have also just added a wonderful maker of women’s yoga and exercise wear made in Colorado. Designed for exquisite style and amazing comfort, these Aaluuka made tops and bottoms will lookjust as great out for coffee with friends as they do in the yoga studio andgym. There is something special about this maker…

On Sale This Week: (extended through Monday evening)

Forget about buying a chintzy imported bag from Mega-Mart and having it tear open the third day of school, college, or work. Battle Lake Outdoors makes amazing bags for work, school, or play in Battle Lake, Minnesota. My family has one, and we love the quality and look. Lots of colors available. Get a favorite color or match to your kid’s school colors.


The beauty of our “Made in USA” effort is how inclusive it is. Americans from every kind of background are awakening to the need and starting to take a stand! Left, right, liberal, conservative, union, non-union, tree huggers, tree cutters, parents, grandparents, rich, poor, cat people, dog people, and so on. We are all one people – Americans.

I reach out to folks via almost any radio interview I can get. Whether it is a radio station broadcasting next to a cornfield, like where I grew up, or the biggest station in NYC I am happy to have the opportunity to reach out. I have done over 300 radio interviews and four TV shows in the past five years. Thankfully, it is growing in opportunities and scope, with national shows becoming common. Do not be upset if you do not like this announcer or that, as I will likely be on one you do like shortly. Those who do listen hear how my “Made in USA” message to every audience is so similar and Americans from every background respond.

The problems that our economy and nation face are far too great to let one group or another try to fix while the others sit it out. Rememberin 1940 how Americans from every kind of background came together to fight anddefeat the Japanese Empire and Nazi Germany at the same time! Remember thosedays after 9/11 and what unity felt like?

We are not fighting over a smaller and smaller piece of the pie here. We are fighting a pitched battle to save the pie! And ultimately, for a bigger pie (economy), so that all our people can have a stake in it. That can only be accomplished by supporting small USA manufacturers.

China and other nations can dictate to a divided USA. With our people standing together, we can surmount ANY issue.

The true enemy of freedom is apathy. “Made in USA” is not a red state or a blue state issue. It is a red, white, and blue issue. Stand with me for freedom, for our people, our national economy, our nation – God Bless The United States of America!

New Items:

Nanak’s Lip Smoothees are a fun way to protect and heal your lips! One with SPF 10 protection with fun flavors and an SPF 15 version that isgreat for outdoor sports!

Checkout the fun light weight Kids Hoodies from Mouth Man! They are not just hoodies with frogs, dolphins, raptors, T-Rex’s, Sharks, etc.There is an extra surprise! Put the arms together and they have mouths! It is a fun trick your kids will really enjoy! Created by Ross Valory, original member and bass player for the rock band Journey.

Featured Sale This Week:

Jacob Bromwell has been a part of American heritage for 193 years! Great kitchen and camping tools! Lifetime warranty on all their itemstoo. On sale through Sunday only. Check them out.


Faithless Wal-Mart is spending millions to lobby in Washington to unfairly destroy small, Internet based competition.

Here is their trick -- They want Internet companies to not only tax out-of-state shipments, but also to know and file those taxes with the over 10,000 city/county/state tax districts in our nation! They know the vast majority of small Internet sellers won’t have that capability and will fold.

Ironically, Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart, would not spend a dime lobbying and was somewhat pro buying USA-Made products. After he got cancer things really went downhill. They are by far the largest importer from China. They have single handily destroyed many USA suppliers by moving purchasing to Chinese based factories. They opened the doors for the pollution and chemical laced products to reach our shores. They wiped out untold numbers of independent shops, pharmacies, etc.

A handful of businesses chose to take a stand for our nation and ethical shopping, but somehow even our modest efforts are too much for them.

Please join me by lobbying congress AGAINST “The Marketplace Fairness Act” S1832 in the Senate and “The Marketplace Equity Act” HR3179 in the House of Representatives.

Link to Senate

Link to House of Representatives

New Items:

You are not going to believe the beauty of the Handmade Elephant Wire Sculpture. This is a true work of art that you will cherish for generations. Made in Nebraska one at a time by a union iron worker.

We have a fun new bumper sticker that says “A little more I would gladly pay, for products made in the USA. Bring Back America!” Printed in the USA of course!

We have added a handmade Aspen wood urn. Four designs and free engraving of name and date.

Tired of trying to lift trash can lids with full hands? Try using your feet with the “Lid Lifter”. Super easy to install and cheaply priced!

Patriots Edge has come out with a new “Professional Grade” non-slip nail clipper. These awesome clippers have the length and leverage to deal with every nail issue. No need to keep buying imports, as this Patriots Edge will be the last clipper you will ever need to buy!