Made in USA Articles May 2014


A Made in USA Father's Day

Show that special Dad how much you love him with a true “Made in USA” gift!

Not only will you be doing something real for our economy in these tough times, but you will give Dad something special that he will not only appreciate, but cherish.

Dad is a real American, so imagine how happy he will be when you give him that gift and say “Made in the USA, just like You Dad!” and “Even the parts, fabric, etc. are made here. I made sure for you!” He will really enjoy it!

Ever wonder why you never see those foreign made gifts you give him again? Well, years of grumpiness over that foreign stuff is about to get wiped away!

To make this easy, we put a bunch of cool products on sale with gifts for Dad in mind --

Not sure about sizes, colors or other preferences? No problem. Here are gift certificates –

Plus, let me personally promise you that we will take super care of Dad if he needs a different size, color, or even to exchange your gift for something completely different!

Dad helped make our nation great. He deserves something special, thoughtful and


Per FDA: Imported Treats Kill 1000 USA Dogs

The FDA is finally getting serious about an issue we have been discussing for some time – Jerky treats and other pet foods and treats imported from China have been killing American dogs and making thousands more ill!

This cuts to the chase regarding ongoing issues with the safety of imported pet food, treats and components, mostly from China.

Quality control in China is virtually nonexistent at the subcontractor level. The work is often completely unmonitored, unsanitary and unsafe. There is no one person or company there to hold accountable. If it seems like food, but people cannot eat it, they will ship it to us for our pets.

The reason the FDA has not been able to tie down a single chemical or process issue is clear: there are many, many problems.

This is just the latest in a series of problems with imported pet products hurting or killing our USA pets. It is time we take a stand and say NO to dangerous imported pet products!

Luckily, we do have premium Made in USA pet treats available on that are made with only USA materials. I have dedicated this week’s featured items to them:

Link to Safe Made in USA Pet Treats

New Items:

Door Pro Doorstops really take holding doors open to a new level. Great for home or commercial use, these are especially designed to keep doors open without damaging doorframes.

Urban Disciples is an edgy new fashion design t-shirt maker for young people. Their shirts are sure to look cool on campus or around town, and the company was founded by a Navy veteran. Every thread made in here the USA!


Made in USA Means Pride

Again and again, I hear about the sense of pride the employees of our 680+ Made in USA suppliers have. That pride comes from making something of value.

Creating something tangible is a very important part of our American persona. A nation that was a wilderness was turned into the greatest democracy in history through generations of hard work and sacrifice. Making products has not only provided employment, it has taught generations of Americans the pride of work and creating something. Having something real to do not only gives a person satisfaction, but also creates a stake in our society.

Those employees were traditionally able to raise a family and maybe pass on what it means to be American. Their kids used to have that opportunity, too.

Today, we are outsourcing factories and jobs to Asia on a historically unprecedented scale. The damage is apparent in the trade deficit and falling overall employment. However, what is missing from those numbers is the pride that is vaporized every time a job is moved abroad.

Somewhere, a guy works part-time (if he is lucky), though he is thirty something. Another nearby doesn’t have the ability to pay for her own kids, and does not hear much from their unemployed father. Yet another lost a good job at fifty and can hardly get an interview, and so on! This is turning into multiple generations in which those who should be creators are becoming dependent on government and charity.

Not everybody can be a lawyer (thank goodness) or find some sort of white collar job. Many of our folks need manufacturing jobs, and the service jobs they support, to have a chance to have a good, productive life.

Because of your help, we are engaged in a fierce battle to turn this situation around. It is a do-or-die time for many of our remaining manufacturers in communities across our nation. A national economy cannot be supported just on government spending and Mega-Mart selling imports. We must make real items here to create real jobs.

Made in USA gives OUR people the opportunity to work in order to earn a living and to gain a real stake in our society and way of life. It does that with each purchase you make because the economic energy you create goes not just to that maker, but to their many suppliers, too!

Please join me in supporting our nation and buying Made in USA!

Featured Supplier This Week: 911 Relief & First Aid Spray

We launched 911 Relief recently and have had very good feedback! It is so effective, it has already turned into a big hit! Just spray on for relief for dozens of situations! Helps pets too! With summer approaching, this is particularly useful.

Link to Featured Supplier

New Items:

SoftTech is a new maker of wallets. We have added two of their soft and sturdy yet thin items – A traditional-style thin wallet and one designed especially for women. Both are stylish while being impressively well made!

The Spin-Racer comes in a set of two for only $7.95. Great fun for young kids! No batteries to replace; runs on kid-power!


Made in USA is Local

It’s neat to buy something locally made.

It feels good, and there are economic benefits of keeping money circulating locally. The businessperson and their employees pay a mortgage or rent and buy other items in the local economy. The social benefits of a healthy local community easily translate from the economic – good schools, opportunity and safety, to name a few.

Buying Made in USA is buying local. It contributes to the health not just of the community where the item was assembled, but also at their dozens of suppliers, their suppliers and so on! That economic energy reaches out and touches American after American in communities across our great nation!

Somewhere, a father gets another shift at work and can pay for his daughter’s school costs. Another American gets an interview and a job after years of part-time gigs. A recent graduate has a chance to do more than pour coffee. Someone makes the mortgage, or even has the opportunity to save a bit. The stories are as unique and endless as our great nation! The common thread is Made in USA.

It reaches so far beyond the purchase of the item because of the “economic multiplier effect”. Nations in Asia are so intent on outsourcing our factories to their shores because they know that the positive energy from a manufactured item is much greater than the service industry can produce. Those nations, such as China, gain that immense economic benefit for the suppliers and their people instead of it staying here in the USA where it belongs.

Service jobs are important, but we cannot run a large economy on the service sector alone. This is both because service job wages are a lot lower than manufacturing wages and because of the much smaller economic multiplier effect of the service industry.

Buying a chintzy import over at Mega-Mart may seem cheaper initially, but most of that money and the economic benefit seeps away from our nation.

Buying Made in USA not only stimulates the economy of that maker and their community, but of local communities across our nation!

“Buy Local” is “Made in USA”!

Featured Supplier This Week: Round House Jeans and Overalls

Round House has been making jeans and overalls in Oklahoma for 110 years! That is when Oklahoma was still a territory, as it entered the union in 1907. Many generations of Americans have worked and played in Round House. Their distinctive style is such a part of our USA Americana that they often end up on television and in movies. They have super cute overalls for kids, and camo items, too.

New Items:

Royal Apparel has added a new union-made t-shirt. It comes in five colors: black, royal, red, asphalt and navy. They intend to add other Made in USA union-made items in the near future.

Grainbow Hot Packs have been a big hit. They are handmade in Wisconsin of all USA materials. They just added a very neat Neck Wrap, and the very first shipment just came through our doors! Just pop either in the microwave for soothing relief! This Neck Wrap has versatile length and can be used up and about, watching TV, in bed, etc. This is the kind of small entrepreneur I am particularly glad we can help launch!

Show your pride with the new “Honk for America” car magnet. Yes, magnet. Unlike a sticker, this magnet can be moved to a new vehicle or just used on days like July 4th.

Our premium sportswear maker, Wickers, has added a new tall size men’s t-shirt. I have used Wickers t-shirts and underwear and am amazed at how well they hold up and perform!