Made in USA Articles April 2014


Made in USA: Standing Tall!

We feature over 680 suppliers on One of the very neat things about getting to know them over the years has been discovering that the vast majority are small, family-owned businesses.

I suppose that no matter what they make, they are true red, white and blue Americans who know their employees and will not sell them out over a few pennies. They are crucial to local communities across our great nation. Plus, their many suppliers help sustain many other communities (and so on). The end result is countless employees and communities that can still stand tall because Americans make something!

We are able to support them because people like you support our efforts and help to spread the word. It costs them nothing to get on In fact, we pay them because of your orders!

The big retail chain stores will barely let Made in USA manufacturers on the shelves. Thanks to you, we are creating a huge marketplace and information resource dedicated to our nation, people and way of life. I believe business can be a part of the solution, so I created one that is.

Those chain stores don’t want us to have a real Made in USA choice, but I say it is time that we did!

Please stand with me in supporting Made in USA products whenever possible!

Featured Supplier of the Week: Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel makes fun, colorful t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, thermals and more. They have items for every member of the family, from infants up. Cotton is a staple, but they also have products made from recycled materials and organic cotton.


Made in USA Strike? No Way!

We are a part of something unique and special as Americans.

I read in a biography of George Washington that the British initially used “Americans” as a derogatory term for us during our war for independence. That makes me like it even more!

Generations of Americans have worked and sacrificed to make our nation great.

Presently, we are not only living off of their laurels, but are wasting them at an unprecedented rate. Allowing our manufacturing base to be outsourced to Asia is already costing millions of jobs, falling wages and creating many other problems. Those chilling issues are part of an arc toward our nation’s decline. It does not have to be that way!

Several times, I have been contacted by those who tell me I am getting “too effective” and should “strike”-- apparently in order to let the system collapse. It is like a delusion out of an Ayn Rand novel to think a handful of elites could fix things after such a chaotic calamity.

I have read hundreds of history books and traveled extensively in Asia, always seeking to understand trends and why they happen. History is a story of optimism and decay; abundance and shortage; chaos and order.

Freedom and liberty are something new and unique from a historical perspective – something American.

We are not just from a place, we are a people from every nation. We are not just a group of people, like Germans, we are every group. We are a people that, no matter the melanin level in our skin or accent in our English, believe in freedom and liberty.

That is worth protecting. That is why I will die before I go on strike against America, no matter how bad Wall Street or Washington gets.

They don’t get to decide America’s future. Only We the People get to decide our great nation’s fate!

We vote USA or some other nation with most purchases. Please stand with me and vote Made in USA!

Featured Items This Week: Rada Cutlery

Rada makes amazing kitchen tools! The quality is first-rate, outlasting chintzy imports by decades. The usefulness in the kitchen is impressive; they were designed to make cooking easier and fun. It is so natural to use them. And, the price just blows me away! Many are under $10! They are often no more expensive than those cheaply-made imports!

New Items:

911 Relief Spray doesn’t just help heal, it helps relieve the pain and itch. According to the maker, “It stops blistering, redness, and scarring from all burns. It kills bacteria…” It is hypoallergenic, biodegradable and planet friendly. Safe to use on adults, kids, even pets!

We have added a men’s pocket tee (great for phones, glasses, etc.) two-pack and a women’s V-neck tee three-pack from Royal Apparel.

New Hampshire Bowl is famous for their handcrafted wooden bowls. Now, they have added three small, very cute cutting and cheese boards! The cheese boards even come with cheese spreaders. There is a mouse, cat and leaf.

Our maker of lots of fun kids’ activity books has added a Dodgers version to her many existing team books. These are lots of fun for young baseball fans, and are officially licensed by MLB.

On Sale This Week: American Tuna

American Tuna is so far above the imported tuna at the stores that it looks like the filet mignon of tuna versus cat food. We eat it at our house often! American Tuna is pole caught (link to video), sustainably fished, hand-filleted and packed sashimi grade Albacore, naturally low in Mercury, and caught off our Pacific Northwest – all in the safest, best way!

Over 2000 people have “liked” this tuna via Facebook on our website. These cans also last years, so this is a great item for disaster emergency kits and such.

The problem, as you might imagine, is this not a cheap process compared to Asian factory ships. American Tuna is expensive. However, I have them on a special, exclusive sale for you this week!


A Made in USA Time & Place

Manufacturing is in our blood here in the USA. Making stuff is who we are and what generations of Americans did and sacrificed for to make our nation great.

Now, outsourcing our factories to Asia threatens all that. The economic energy created with each Made in USA purchase does not just impact the factory where it was assembled, but dozens of its suppliers and so on.

When that purchase is shifted to an item Made in China or some other country, all that economic benefit goes with it.

We are outsourcing our way into economic decline, and it needs to stop.

Washington needs to wake up, but there is a lot we can do, too. I believe that every person makes a difference in what he or she says and does. When a few say “No,” Mega-Mart does not care. However, when thousand, tens of thousands and more say it, they absolutely notice!

Years ago, it felt like I was alone going through retail shelves looking for Made in USA. Now we are over 45,000 strong on Facebook and millions have visited our website.

What started almost as a whisper is now a beautiful roar – Made in USA! USA! USA!

Featured Supplier: American Lawn Mower

American Lawn Mower has been manufacturing push mowers in Indiana for over 100 years! I like mine, because I do not have to use any imported oil, and I get some exercise. They have five blade and seven blade models perfect for small to mid-sized yards.

Note: This maker does sadly now also sell foreign-made mowers, but we are tied in with them to sell only real Made in USA ones.

New Items:

Joint Decision Glucosamine Hydrochloride (HCI) joint support supplement is made right here in the USA! With the issues that come with joints as we age, I am glad we can offer a Made in USA version – “One of the major building blocks of articular cartilage and synovial fluid, the lubricating and cushioning material in our joints.”

Our maker of soft, comfy flip flop style sandals has added a large number of colors! They have moved past black, brown and pink to add Snow White, Grape Vine, Sweet Tangerine, Deep Ocean, Key Lime, Aqua Lagoon and Fresh Cranberry.

LBM Products makes fun yard signs here in the USA. We have added four, including “No Soliciting,” “No Dog Poop Yard,” “Please Stay Off Lawn,” and “No Smoking”.


Made in USA Matters

Making products here in our nation matters for many, many reasons. Here are just a few:

-Jobs. Fewer Americans are working today as a percentage of the total workforce (ages 20 to 65, excluding those in prison) than at any point in U.S. history. Unemployment is real and we need to break this cycle.

-Wages. Manufacturing naturally creates jobs that pay far better than service jobs like pouring coffee.

-Tax Revenue. The added economic activity of buying Made in USA generates tax revenue across the board, from local to federal levels, without having to raise taxes!

-Safety. We have much better environmental and worker safety standards here than do China and many other manufacturing bases outside the U.S.

Our Future. Preserving American jobs and quality products helps protect our great nation’s future and our way of life!

Our nation is facing a turning point: renewal or fading into history. Renewal is tougher in the short-term, but much better in the long!

There is no new math; making it here is better!

Please join me and see what’s available at

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Featured Suppliers: Wallets!

No need to walk into a big retail chain store and buy a foreign-made wallet. We have very nice wallets made right here in the USA from USA materials. They start at just over $20. There is something for everyone.

New Items:

The new Castakite helps make flying a kite fun and easy, getting the kids off the couch and outside for some healthy play and exercise.

The Bumi Tug toy by West Paw Designs is a blast for dogs and their people to play with! Designed for fetch or tug-of-war, it even floats! Certified safe for your special pooch and guaranteed to last.

Rada’s kitchen tools always get rave reviews! We have added two new non-scratch cooking spoons. Rada items not only last for decades, but they are priced below many imports.


Made in USA is Our Nation's Economic Power

One thing I enjoy about reading history is that there always more to learn. Humanity marches awkwardly from its earliest stages through to struggles we face today.

In Europe and Asia, early growth in understanding allowed cities to rise with walls to try to keep the barbarians out. However, there are also threats inside the walls, such as tyranny.

The United States of America was founded on a love of justice and freedom, something bigger than the whole of 13 colonies. Liberty is a rare, fragile thing in a human history littered with tyrants and despots.

Our unique nation reached out to the peoples of the world, not for their elite, royalists and insiders, but for those who wanted to build a better life and be free.

That ignited the greatest economic growth engine the world has ever seen. The courage and sacrifices of untold millions of Americans made us great, safe and prosperous: the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Now, that shining light of freedom is challenged. However, the real enemy is apathy and greed.

Our way of life is challenged because our factories are being moved to Asia and untold millions of middle class jobs are being vaporized because it seems cheaper.

Luckily, many millions of Americans from every kind of background want our nation to renew its economic prowess. Many are completely unaware of the Made in USA products available because big chain stores typically profit more by selling chintzy imports. However, we can show them our many Made in USA products available online, often made by small, family owned businesses.

Our fate is not outside our control. Our great nation was built up from the wilderness, and fate will not stop us from fixing our economy and nation, if we are determined.

Please stand with me and buy Made in USA!

Featured Item: Gift Certificates!

We created gift certificates a few years ago to allow customers to buy Made in USA products from ANY of our suppliers on the site. They never expire or lose any value.

This allows you to make sure that recipient buys Made in USA without having to guess on the color or (God forbid) size that special someone wears. They can always call us toll-free if they need any help at all.

Get your gift certificate delivered via email with no shipping charge or with a nice card via Priority Mail for just $5. No sale tax applies.

New Items:

Mindful Supply Company designs stylish Made in USA t-shirts for men and women. They use beautifully drawn artistic messaging to create their unique look and brand. They are so serious about this effort, even the cotton is grown in their native North Carolina! We’ve added eight of their cool shirts.

We’ve also added five jackets by King Louie. There is no reason to buy a foreign one with these stylish, substantial jackets available. King Louie also makes a number of other clothing items for men and women (shown in each clothing section).