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Show that special Dad how much you love him with a true “Made in USA” gift!

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As Greece Implodes -- Vital Lessons for USA

An economic meltdown in a country smaller than Los Angeles County is causing an amazing stir in Europe and around the globe.

Their citizens ran to the banks to withdraw nearly in billion dollars worth of paper currency last Friday alone. Unemployment is surging, tax revenue sinking faster than the Titanic, government debt and government employee pension obligations far beyond any hope of paying, etc. Simply put, joining the EC and the Euro gave Greece access to cheap money to borrow, but took away their ability to print money. Borrowed money paid for false expansion, even as what little industry there was closed. A service economy, in this case tourism, alone cannot pay for prosperity. No government can mathematically borrow and spend their way to prosperity.

Greece’s implosion is a vital lesson for our nation, as our factories continue to move to Asia. This could just as easily been California, Louisiana, Illinois, New York, etc. starting a chain reaction here.

A service economy alone cannot sustain anywhere near our living standard. Simply put the economic multiplier effect of service jobs does not have anywhere near the same economic power of manufacturing because of the lack of suppliers.

Leadership ignoring real issues only makes them worse, far worse. It’s like ignoring cancer.

However, we the people have a lot more power than folks realize, but only if we act on it. 70% of our economy is consumer spending. The rest is government and business combined. Whether it is for Father’s Day, a birthday, etc. we vote for our own nation or some other nation with every purchase.

The situation is dire, but we have a choice. Even if we fail at least we took a stand for The USA!

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The Road to Sustained USA Economic Recovery – Made in USA

I did a lot of driving recently, and seeing many local areas of our nation with crumbling infrastructure was disheartening to say the least. Across the board, local governments are being buried by a combination of spending and tax revenues dropping as a result of factories having closed and moved to Asia. Asian governments remember something that many of our politicians have forgotten – manufacturing creates far more economic activity than the service economy. It is no secret why – manufacturers have dozens, sometime hundreds of suppliers that provide parts to them. Buying something made here not only employs the person that puts the item together, but also employs folks all along the supply chain. Service jobs are fine, but they just do not have nearly the same economic kick as manufacturing jobs. The government can try all sorts of tricks, such as lowering interest rates or over stimulating the housing sector. However, these efforts will not sustain long term economic growth. Government spending does not create prosperity. Looking at our history, it was the growth of manufacturing that created much of our middle class. Small companies were created. Most failed, yet those few that succeeded changed the lives of millions. This did not happen over weeks or months. It happed over decades. Americans make things. It is our heritage. We can bring manufacturing back on a massive scale. This will take years, maybe even decades of effort. I am ready. When I launched I knew it would be this level of commitment. God willing, I will be doing this as long as these small, family owned businesses that still make their products here need someone in their corner. Thank you so much for being there with us with your support. You make it real! New Items: NuAngel manufactures quality products for nursing mothers, infants, and more. They offer support pillows which are great for everyone. For moms there are nursing covers and pads, baby bibs, diapers, wipes, and blankets. Made in Alabama. GRADUATE & GO! The College Grad’s Ultimate Guide to Landing the Job You Love by Dr. Lynda Falkenstein. In her book, Dr. Falkenstein dispels myths for job seekers, shares absolute musts and must-nots, and provides a roadmap and inspiration for those seeking success. Made in USA. Stainless steel nail clippers by Patriot Edge offers new technology for thick nails, diabetics, and arthritis sufferers. You’ll love these new clippers. Made in Alabama. Two interesting and inspiring books by Cheryl Mochau. A Personal Chef Cooks is a cookbook that recreates comfort foods in lower fat, yet tasty ways. He Knew I Would Tell is a collection of short stories of “God moments” as they have occurred in people’s lives. Made in USA. Homestead Rolling Pin by Jacob Bromwell is a kitchen basic that every cook needs. Extra-long and sturdy, made from maple. Reminiscent of what Grandma used in her kitchen. A must-have. Made in USA. Beautiful handcrafted wooden bowl and candlestick sets by DeMadera Inc. Available in cherry, red oak, and poplar. Heirloom quality. Excellent gift idea. Made in USA. Link to New Items: Featured Sale This Week Only: Round House is most famous for their Made in USA overalls, but they also make wonderful jeans (even odd inch sizes, like 31” and 33”), work pants, chaps, and kid’s overalls. We have them all this week on a very good sale. We have never been able to bring the price down to this level before, and it definitely will not last! Made in Oklahoma.