Made in USA Articles April 2012


Made in USA Job Growth

Historically, about 70% of new jobs are created by small and medium size businesses.

Reason enough to support them, yet in today’s economy something different is happening. The government traditionally hires during down times at all levels, nevertheless they are actually shedding jobs. Local and state levels particularly hard hit by falling tax revenues are far from hiring, but instead are firing folks. The overall numbers do not show government job creation, they show job loss.

GE and other big companies are hiring, but sadly not in their home nation, the USA. Big banks, too big to fail remember, in spite of massive government money injections are not hiring, they are firing. It is a very ugly irony that all of the TARP money that was supposed to “save” our economy never made it to the small and medium size businesses that can actually do something about our economy. These businesses that desperately need capital are raising it in spite of the banks, often entrepreneurs investing their own money (That’s me!) or even mortgaging their homes or using their IRA retirement accounts to build their dream.

In today’s economy, small and medium size businesses are creating not just 70% of jobs, but nearly all of them. Manufacturing is a key part of our recovery.

What makes that particularly amazing is they are doing it in spite of the deck being stacked against them at the big retail chain stores. The chain stores purposely source foreign made items without considering that the jobs they save here in our nation are actually their customers. They sell us chintzy imports made with low safety standards that we would never allow here. In fact with planned obsolescence, they may seem cheaply priced, yet break rapidly. That may get folks back in the store sooner, but it is not a good value to the customer or our nation.

I created to address these issues. To give small American manufacturers a way to bring their products right to you. To give them a way to earn revenue and thus raise that much needed cash. With that money, they can hire folks and put other Americans to work. To give you a choice and a place to find out about good American-Made products, instead of just going along with what those chain stores want to serve up to you.

Buying “Made in USA” helps American companies, their employees, their suppliers, and so on. It increases local economic activity, helping communities and raising revenue without raising taxes. It takes folks from the unemployment line to real jobs where they have a stake in our nation and our future. There are so many great reasons to feel good about it!

Last issue, I accidently left off the link to my new national radio ad preview. Here it is:

New Items:

Beautiful Ceramic Teapots made by Emerson Creek Pottery. Teapots are handmade and hand painted. You’ll treasure one of these pots for years to come. Microwave and dishwasher safe, ovenproof, and 100% lead-free. Made in USA.

Bread Boards by Kentucky Cutting Boards are excellent quality. Distinctive designs showcase beautiful and substantial boards. All boards are made from sustainable yield hardwoods and will last generations. Excellent for gift giving. Made in Kentucky.

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On Sale:

Those beautiful bread boards from Kentucky! Link to Sale Items:


Made in USA Momentum

What can we say when we meet someone who has lost their job? Someone who has had their hours cut back? Someone whose child just got out of school and can’t even find a job pouring coffee?

It is difficult to come up with the right words of hope and empathy. We all know folks that are going through this. It could be us.

It is not like we can point to change from an improving economy or government action. Or can we?

We can hold our government accountable, and see change where pressure is applied. For example, the Bay area mass transit system “BART” is requiring that all new trains be Made in USA (insert article link), which will keep over $3 billion in our economy. Business needs to be held accountable too.

However, consumer spending in the USA makes up 70% of our economy (in China’s phony economy it is 30%). When we buy American-Made, we are doing something real and positive for those folks in a way that creates more and more jobs. Take them out of the unemployment lines and back to adding value in our society and paying taxes. We the people have held the real power all along!

In an effort to reach out to millions who are sympathetic, but unaware of the many Made in USA choices available, this week we launched a national radio campaign. Here is a preview, and yes that is my voice – (insert link).

More to come in the very near future, as our effort is featured very heavily in an upcoming issue of our nation’s number one newsletter “Bottom Line” (Perhaps I talk too much as it turned into a three page article).

In short, we have real momentum. No doubt lots of tough challenges are ahead, yet light is also starting to shine through. Things ARE changing even if ever so slightly.

Thank you again for doing the right thing instead of the easy thing. For thinking instead of looking the other way. For acting instead of hiding. For being true Americans! God bless the United States of America!

New Products

Socks for men, women, and children by FoxRiver. Many styles available. Your feet will be happy with a new pair of these comfortable socks. Made in USA.

Jam-Pac™ Handlebar Bag Music Speaker Dock by Audible Rush allows you to listen to your favorite music while riding a bike. Bag attaches to handlebars and provides high quality, clear sound. Light weight, convenient, and durable. Made in USA.

LockRobots Building Blocks will give your child hours of imaginary play. Unique design with interconnecting features makes them multi-functional with simple to complex aspects. Great educational fun for all ages. Made in USA.

Truck Topper and Jeep Top Storage System by Harken Hoister allows you to maximize storage space with this simple patented block-and-tackle system. Safe and easy to use. Made in USA.

Work clothes for men by Kneegard. Heavy duty work pants with patented knee guard protection system. Heavy duty work shirts, t-shirts, and belts. Made in USA.

Kazoos by Kazoobie are classic fun for ages 3 and up. Manufactured in the USA with the highest quality standards. Comes in a variety of colors. Made in USA.

Gutter Genius® DIY™ is a solid aluminum gutter protection product by Elko Products. Keep your gutters free of leaves and debris with this low cost, simple, do-it-yourself gutter protection. Made in USA.

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This week’s featured sale – Amana Woolen Mills has been making wonderful blankets in Iowa for over 150 years. This week only we have six of them on sale.

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Our Made in USA Progress

Work and climbing that corporate ladder used to be it for me. I had done well, rising rapidly to the executive ranks, making and saving serious money. It was really a façade.

Finally becoming a Dad was a blessing in so many ways. Six years ago today I held my daughter for the first time. Looking into her bright eyes for the first time I wondered if she would know the nation that raised me. A place where the sky was the limit and we did not even have to lock the doors.

In a flash of realization I saw the issue and what I had to do.

The nation that gave me everything is suffering. Millions of folks losing any chance at opportunity. Deindustrialization, literally the moving of our factories to Asia, undermining our economy and way of life. Our own companies and retailers selling us out.

I would use my resources and all I had learned in business here and abroad to create something to help make it right again –

Long odds, late nights, using my money, defying all that “common knowledge” – I’m in! For my daughter (and now my son too), for all our nation’s children and the folks that need a chance, for the United States of America.

New Items:

Collectible sculptures by the talented artist Ron Lee. Ron Lee has created an extraordinary collection of the World’s Most Famous Clown, Emmett Kelly Jr. Ron Lee has also created an adorable collection of whimsical animal sculptures that display Culinary Arts talents. Made in California.

Portable Universal Power Station (PUPS) by Two Bugles LLC was designed to make straight and miter cuts using your own circular power saw. With PUPS there is no need to buy an expensive miter saw. Just add your own power saw to PUPS to create your own miter station. Made in USA.

Commemorate the Titanic in this Limited Edition 100th Anniversary puzzle set. Four 1,000 piece Titanic puzzles are included in this special set. Made in USA.

By popular demand, Goodnighties has created a pajama sleep set for men. Goodnighties uses moisture-wicking, ionized fabric that increases blood flow to decrease pain and sleep more soundly. Men’s sleep shirt and boxers are sold separately. Made in USA.

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This Week’s Featured Sale:

Maple Landmark makes amazing wood toys out of solid hardwood in Vermont. The big chains want to sell toys that break immediately, but these are the kind of toys that last generations. This week we feature twelve of them on sale.

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