Dirt King® Adult Dually Tricycle Made in America

Dirt King® Adult Dually Tricycle Made in America
Dirt King® Adult Dually Tricycle Made in AmericaDirt King® Adult Dually Tricycle Made in America
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Please Note: Must ship unassembled due to shipping costs. Assembly is easy.

Dirt King® Adult Dually Tricycle Made in America

For the inner child inside all of us! The Adult Trike is hand welded and constructed of heavy duty 14 and 16 gauge steel. The Dirt King® adult trike comes equipped with all terrain “dual” pneumatic tires mounted on heavy duty steel rims with 5/8 inch steel ball-bearings. The adjustable and larger seat and tilting padded handle-bars allow the Dirt King® adult trike to adapt to fit your size. This smooth riding trike was built to last and one where you can pass-on to future generations. Rides over any terrain! It goes over gravel, snow, grass and mud.

Nothing can slow you down on this ride. The adult trike has been used by adults with physical disabilities and mobility challenges, security guards, racing crews, corporate events and sporting promotions. With the Dirt King® adult trike, you can cruise around the corporate grounds, race other trikes around a track or take your pet for a walk around the block with comfort and confidence that in the end, is just plain fun to ride.

Specifications for the Adult Trike
• Large comfortable seat
• Adjustable shock absorber on seat frame.
• Ages: 10 to Adult
• DIM: Seat to center axle: furthest 26"
• Heavy duty steel rims
• 5/8" steel ball bearings

The adult trike offers you the ability to get outside and ride on something that promotes your health. When we were young, all that energy and healthy exercise was something that just came naturally. Fast forward to adulthood where promoting our health and exercise is something usually neglected and a non-event. The Dirt King® adult trike can change all that.

Due to national sponsored health studies by the Department of Transportation of Australia and promoted on the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration website, it has been well documented that just 6 hours of pedaling a month can reduce the risk of disease, lower your cholesterol and promote your overall health. The adult trike is easy on the knees when pedaling and is documented that adult physical inactivity makes us all susceptible to cardiovascular disease and higher cholesterol. Cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol is largely a preventable disease through exercise (Paffenbarger, Brand et al. 1978). So give the Dirt King® Adult Trike a try, your health and body will thank you for it and you’ll have fun doing it!

**Some assembly required on this tricycle. It is shipped partially assembled. Basic wrenches needed. Approximately 1/2 hour for completion. Instructions are included in packaging.


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Made in USA.