StudPop Magnetic Stud & Nail Finder Made in USA

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StudPop Magnetic Stud & Nail Finder Made in USA

The StudPoP® is NOT like the other magnetic stud finders on the market! They are just a magnet inside a piece of plastic…

…but the StudPoP® is very different.

That’s why we patented it.

It is the world’s first moving magnet stud finder that is guaranteed to find studs in any kind of house…in any kind of wall or ceiling. It is 100% made in the USA.

Unlike all the other magnetic stud finders, the studpop® doesn’t depend on you to “feel” the magnet tugging on a nail or screw. The StudPoP’s “popper” takes care of that for you.

When it detects a metal fastener in the wall…

…the StudPoP® indicates this when its popper points straight out.

It’s so simple. It’s so foolproof.

It’s so much fun!

The StudPoP® is sensitive enough to find fasteners that can be up to 1/2 deep!

This means that you can use it to easily find studs in virtually any type of home. Works on plaster, sheetrock, tile and lath.

It even works on textured walls including stucco!

No batteries. No guess work. No mistakes. No #$%&#!

Proudly made in Kennebunk, ME.

Made in USA.