Sale: Ka'anapali Estates 100% Two Pound of Maui Grown Coffee Made in USA

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Ka'anapali Estates 100% Two Pound of Maui Grown Coffee Made in USA

The cleanest water and air, best soil, and tender loving care combine to make something truly special! This best of the best Maui grown coffee is now available exclusively online on from Ka'anapali Estates.

The picture shows the actual coffee plants growing within sight of the ocean! Imagine the cool ocean breeze, warm sunshine, and beautiful aura nurturing these coffee beans!

With others off the shelf, there is just no telling the conditions of the plants or the workers. Is the soil clean, etc.? That is not a concern with this little bit of heaven.

This coffee even ships direct to you from Hawaii via Priority Mail! Talk about fresh!

What type of grind should I get?

The grind mostly depends on the method you use to make coffee. The most popular method in the US is the auto-drip, using either disposable paper filters or a permanent metal-mesh.

"Rule-of-Thumb" guide for what type of grind to use:

  • Espresso/Cappuccino machines: extra fine grind
  • Auto-Drip coffeemakers using paper filters: fine-medium grind
  • Auto-Drip coffeemakers with a metal-mesh filter: medium grind
  • Manual drip (pour-over): medium-coarse grind
  • French Press: coarse grind
  • Percolator: coarse grind

    Experiment a little. Start with our guidelines and judge how the coffee tastes. To make your coffee taste a little stronger, you may want to purchase a finer ground the next time. If you taste a touch of bitterness, perhaps a coarser grind would be better. Whole Bean:

    Grinding your own coffee beans just before brewing definitely provides the absolute, freshest tasting coffee.

    "Rule-of-Thumb" guide for grinding:

  • Fine: 30 - 40 seconds
  • Medium: 20 - 25 seconds
  • Medium-Coarse: 15 - 20 seconds
  • Coarse: 5 - 10 seconds

    Please Note: Must ship via Priority Mail.

    Made in USA