Cell Phone Case by Pope's Fine Leather USA Made

Cell Phone Case by Pope's Fine Leather USA Made
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Cell Phone Case by Pope's Fine Leather USA Made


Cell Phone Make & Model:

i.e. Apple iPhone 4, Blackberry Pearl, etc. Note: Please include the exact name of your phone and its model number. Each phone case is made to fit your phone exactly; therefore, if your description is insufficient you will be contacted immediately by email where a request for additional information will be made.

Cell Phone Measurements:

i.e. 5" x 2 3/8" x 9/16" You must include the exact measurements of your cell phone to the nearest 1/16 of an inch for height, width, and thickness. If you want your phone to fit in the case with a rubberized or plastic enclosure or skin, include the measurements of your phone with enclosure. We will match your measurements with the phone's make and model to ensure an accurate fit.

  • Made from the finest leather
  • Custom made to fit your cell phone
  • Genuine sheep skin liner to protect the face of your phone
  • Magnetic closure for faster access
  • Built to Last

    Check out the options and design your own holster. Then prepare to be noticed

    NOTE: Allow 3 weeks as each order is custom made. Christmas orders must be in by November 15th to received by Christmas

    Made in the USA by Pope's Hand Crafted Fine Leather