California North Gelskin Scrub 16oz

California North Gelskin Scrub 16oz
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California North Gelskin Scrub 16oz
* 16 fl oz / 237 ml
* This Scrub was originally made for in-grown hairs and is very effective.
* Used also for the rough area maintenance of elbows, knees, and feet.
* Used to exfoliate before applying California North Titanium Self Tanner.
* Dermatologist recommended and pH balanced as an all-over body scrub.
Gelskin Scrub is a more aggressive scrub, originally developed to combat ingrown hairs. An ingrown hair or bump comes from irritation and generally shaving up in the wrong direction with a dull blade or shaving up pushing a hair follicle into the skin with the screen on an electric razor.
Regular use can help to prevent blackheads.
This product on a cloth is used to scrub the ingrown area, open it, and over night allow the ingredients to dry and eliminate the problem.
We have tested this product on athletes who also need an effective scrub for the rough area maintenance of elbows, knees, and feet.
Woman like this product to exfoliate the face and as a general body scrub. This product is also used for overall exfoliation prior to using our Titanium Self-Tanner.
Self tanners work on the skin cells and if dead skin cells are left on the skin they will fall off with the color, leaving uneven spots or tanning.
Gelskin Scrub has a great homeopathic scent, clean, and refreshing.
Follow with California North Action Moisturizer.

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