Cartooning Basics - Book Creating Cartoon Characters Made in USA

Cartooning Basics - Book Creating Cartoon Characters Made in USA
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Cartooning Basics -Creating Cartoon Characters Made in USA

Do You like to draw cartoons? Discover how easy it is to create your own cartoon characters with CARTOONING BASICS.

Create characters of all ages complete with great expressions! Learn the secrets of drawing action packed poses for your characters! Get great ideas for drawing cool cartoon animals from dogs to dinasaurs! Draw space aliens, wacky monsters, robots and creapy crawlers Make cool animation, backgrounds, perspective, comic strips and a whole lot more!

Cartooning Basics has drawing lessons on:

  • How to draw human expressions.
  • How to draw human characters at any angle
  • How to draw different ages for your cartoon characters
  • How to draw cartoon bodies
  • Create action characters
  • Easy techniques for drawing hands and feet
  • Draw cool costumes and create dozens of sure-fire poses.
  • How to draw great dogs and puppies
  • How to draw fantastic cartoon cats
  • How to draw horses
  • Draw cool dinosaurs
  • Creating silly farm animals
  • Drawing wild animals
  • Making space aliens
  • Drawing wacko monsters and robots
  • Creating your own cool comic strips
  • Making your own cartoon flip books and animation
  • 3D effects with cool perspective
  • You will also learn cool cartooning facts, history, trivia, and more!!!

    Recommended by: Jim Garfield (creator of Garfield) and Charles M. Schulz (creator of Peanuts)

    100% Made in the USA