Bread Bag Reusable by Best Manufacturers USA Made

Bread Bag Reusable by Best Manufacturers USA Made
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Bread Bag Reusable by Best Manufacturers USA Made

Keep fresh bread loaves fragrant, rustic loaves fresh for days and bagels just the right texture. They are great for bulk-purchased flour, grains, pasta and even pet food. They reduce dependence on plastic bags, while reducing waste and recycling efforts. Fresh bread bags are designed for practicality, from the wide easy-access opening to the longer loaf size. When not in use, they fold down smaller than a breadbox. Our bags are pre-shrunk and color fast, made of 7.5 ounce twill cotton/polyester in natural color canvas, with thick gauge polyethylene plastic (4ml) lining for air tightness. The combined strength of these two layers make Best fresh bread bags reusable for years. The bags are dishwasher safe as well as washing machine safe!

Best solutions for the kitchen...this is the philosophy that led to our pioneering of re-usable bread bags, just one of our reusable dishwasher safe food storage bags. They are a great gift idea....freshness, practicality, food safety and environmentally aware reuse. We know your customers will react to the Bag It! solution the way most people. What a great idea!


Made in Portland, Oregon!

Note: There are some other internet sites with the incorrect country of origin. We have verified that these bread bags are Made in the USA, Portland, Oregon!