Fawn & Floral Hat by MJM Handmade Creations American-Made

Fawn & Floral Hat by MJM Handmade Creations American-Made
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Fawn & Floral Hat by MJM Handmade Creations American-Made

Handmade 100% Felted Alpaca - Very light, water resistant, stain resistant, and breaths. This modified cloche is created in fawn with maroon floral accents and is very stylish.

Sizes: 21-22 (Small), 22.5-23.5 (Medium), 23.5-24.0 (Large)

Benefits of Owning Alpaca!
  • Silky Soft as Cashmere and warmer than wool.
  • Light Weight Warmth that Wicks Moisture.
  • Unlike wool, Not Scratchy and is Hypoallergenic.
  • Stain Resistant and Water Resistant, stays Warm and Dry
  • Long Lasting and Durable as well as Light Weight.

    Caring for Your Alpaca Hat!
    Your Alpaca Hat should stay pretty clean and may never need cleaning since it is stain and water resistant but if you find it needs some cleaning, soak the spot to clean in luke warm water with some dish soap or hair soap added. Gently squeeze the area a few times (Never Rub!) and then soak in clean water and squeeze out excess water gently. Do not soak ornaments such as flowers or leaves that were added to hat as they may change shape.

    All items are handmade and unique, made in the USA, from USA materials. No two items are exactly alike. Wet Felted and Needle Felted items are made from animal fiber that is locally harvested from Montana, New York, or other states.

    Made in USA.