Soda Stick Soda Maker - Made in USA by FizzGiz

Soda Stick Soda Maker - Made in USA by FizzGiz
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Wow your friends with our premier soda maker! Make the best soda for the least amount of money with our top of the line product.

Convenience - Make 2 liters of soda in under a minute!
Versatility - Carbonate Anything you put in the bottle (water, juice, wine).
Sustainable - No need to keep buying expensive CO₂ and bottle materials.
Use a $15 paintball tank that can be bought and refilled at any sports store.
Free bottles for life! Any common soda bottles works.
Affordability - There is no cheaper long term solution. Not only are the bottles free, but CO₂ refills costs $3.00-$5.00 rather than the $20.00-$30.00 by our competitors. Achieve true long term cost savings!
Capability - Because of the agitation process that you can perform on the bottle higher carbonation levels can be reached with the Soda Stick.
Storable - Store the Soda Stick in a drawer rather than taking up precious counter space.
Durable - You can drive a car over our product and make soda after in celebration!

3 complimentary FiZZ-GiZ caps included.

Made in USA by Fizz Giz!