Sno-Knife Snow Removal Tool Made in USA

Sno-Knife Snow Removal Tool Made in USA
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Sno-Knife Snow Removal Tool Made in USA

The Sno-Knife is a simple, lightweight, roof snow removal tool. It is not a snow rake. When used properly it can remove snow with the least amount of effort. .

  • No heavy lifting or pulling. Snow slides easily off roofs.
  • Big 24" x 18" blade
  • (4) 5-foot snap-together high tensile aluminum poles with 6" foam comford grip.
  • The 20 ft Model weighs 5 1/2 lbs.
  • The Sno-Knife enables you to work safely from the ground.
  • You can work side to side, up and down or around obstacles to move the snow in the direction of your choosing.
  • Sno-Knife's high-density, polymer head is roof friendly.
  • The unique front-edge design can be used on virtually any roof covering.
  • Let the Sno-Knife, weight of the snow and gravity do the work.

    ORIGIN - Jim Nieckula, from Barnes, Wi, invented the Sno-Knife in the late 1970's. He did so out of a need for a simpler tool that would remove snow from roofs with less effort. He realized that by using a slick surface to undercut the snow, the slickness,the weight of the snow and gravity actually makes the snow remove itself from the roof.

    METHOD - As snow builds up on a roof it forms an ice bond to the surface of the roof. The SNO-knife slices through the bond layer of the snow and releases the snow so it will easily slide off the roof.

    By sliding the SNO-knife flat along the roof moving side to side or up and down, it enables you to undercut and remove the snow from large areas without changing your position. The SNO-knife is not a roof rake, but is a finely designed roof snow removal tool. The uniquely designed leading edge helps guide the SNO-knife over the edges of shingles, shakes and other roof coverings as it undercuts the snow.


    Made in the USA