One Quart Saucepan Made in USA by 360 Cookware

One Quart Saucepan Made in USA by 360 Cookware
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One Quart Saucepan Made in USA by 360 Cookware

This saucepan comes with a lifetime warranty. It does what you need, but also was designed Vapor Cooking, which is very healthy, green, and cheaper! Free cookbook and DVD included.

Developed and made in Wisconsin.

The 1-quart unit is the perfect Vapor® Cooking starter piece. Cook several different kinds of vegetables together with no worry of mushiness or mixing flavors. Cook without added water, oil, lard or butter and experience the fresh flavor and nutrients of your food as never before. The 1-quart will likely become your most utilized kitchen utensil. With its unbelievable capacity and unlimited versatility, it’s the perfect introduction to Vapor® Cooking.

5-ply T-304 stainless steel and alloy construction

Ergonomic, stay-cool handles

Stylish design compliments any décor

US-made by one of America’s greenest companies

Lifetime warranty

Vapor technology cooks food faster & more evenly with less energy

No need to add fat or water

Won’t burn, scorch or turn food soggy

Oven-safe to 350º

Easy to use, easy to clean


Item: IT001-PC

Made in USA.