The Magic-Hands Thinket™ by Mindspan Labs Made in America

The Magic-Hands Thinket™ by Mindspan Labs Made in America
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The Magic-Hands Thinket® has the same powerful magnet and other assembly features as all of our Thinkets. The Magic-Hands Thinket Handle is coated with a Dark Titanium PVD "Oil-Slick" finish, while the Slider-Heads are plated with Chrome. The unique Handle shape is called the "GoldenHands" profile.

The Magic-Hands Thinket® comes in an attractive drawstring-pouch for easy storage and transport.

WARNING: Choking Hazard. The Magic-Hands Thinket® contains one very strong magnet, so please keep it away from small children or pets that might swallow it. Do not place it on or too close to magnetically sensitive devices and storage media such as: Pacemakers, credit cards, gift cards, watches, computer hard drives, and other such items. Do not attempt to put your fingers inside the Thinket, or to disassemble it, or to use it to thump or hit people or things. Please excercise common sense while handling the Thinket, and use the Thinket responsibly and considerately at all times.

Made in USA!