Freeze-N-Wrap Beverage Cooler with MadeinUSA Logo

Freeze-N-Wrap Beverage Cooler with MadeinUSA Logo
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Freeze-N-Wrap Beverage Cooler with Logo

The Freeze-N-Wrap Beverage Insulator

Perfect for hot summer days. Just pop the Freeze-N-Wrap in the freezer, then wrap it around your favorite beverage. This safe, non-toxic ice pack is flexible when frozen, so you can easily wrap it around any bottle or can and secure it with the Velcro closure. Your hands stay warm and dry while your beverage gets colder. Freeze it - wrap it - refreeze it! Features: Safe, non-toxic use with bottles or cans. Flexible when frozen. Reusable - store in freezer. Hands stay warm, beverage stays cold. LOGO

Made in the USA