Collector's Deluxe Copper Flour Sifter USA Made by Jacob Bromwell

Collector's Deluxe Copper Flour Sifter USA Made by Jacob Bromwell
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Collector's Deluxe Copper Flour Sifter USA Made by Jacob Bromwell

The only thing cooler than a flour sifter for your country kitchen is our All-American Flour Sifter finished in pure copper! Both decorative and functional, our copper flour sifters feature a single screen and our uniquely-designed 4-wire agitator, which together produce the finest, smoothest flour possible for perfect cakes, cookies and more. Available exclusively at, our Deluxe Flour Sifters are the oldest in America, and make a sterling gift for any occasion. So get your very own copper flour sifter today, and become part of the Jacob Bromwell tradition.

  • Available exclusively at while supplies last.
  • Copper is sky-high on the commodities market today, and there are up to five red-blooded American workers involved in the creation of this copper masterpiece. Every step in our unique manufacturing process is still done by hand. It's a passion our company is unwilling to give up.
  • Handle is attached to the sifter using old-fashioned metalworking techniques, just like the sifters made by our company nearly 200 years ago.
  • Our secret is the uniquely-designed 4-wire agitator.
  • Each wire smoothly sweeps the screen below it, creating the smoothest flour possible and a consistent batch every time.
  • Just pour in your desired amount of wheat, acorn, almond, chestnut, maize or rough whole grain flour, turn the handle and fill your mixing bowl. You can also fill the sifter with powdered sugar for a dust on top of a cake, pie, or whatever else you're cooking.
  • Left-handed? Not a problem! Our flour sifters come in a specially designed option for lefties.
  • Copper is resistant to corrosion and will never rust. If left untreated, the copper finish will naturally oxidize and age beautifully. You can polish it up to restore its shiny finish, or let it earn a beautiful patina.
  • Product care: Hand wash only. Do not place in dishwasher.
  • Dimensions: (5-cup) 7.5 long x 7 wide x 6.25 tall (in inches)
  • Backed by our 100% Lifetime Guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.
  • Still Made in the USA, even after all these years. Buy American and save jobs.

    Made in the USA by Jacob Bromwell!