California North SPF30 Sunblock 8oz American-Made

California North SPF30 Sunblock 8oz American-Made
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California North SPF30 Sunblock 8oz American-Made
* 8 oz / 200 ml
* Serious Suncare, used by surfers for over 15 years. Made for facial skin and to use on full body.
* Very water and sweat resistant.
* PABA free, Allergy and SPF Tested with UVA/UVB Protection.
* Does not allow you to burn. Dermatologist tested and recommended. pH balanced.
We do not use Nano Particles of Titanium Dioxide.
Titanium SPF 30 Sunblock is a 97.6% block of the sun's burning rays.
It is easy to apply for face and body, and is very water resistant.
Titanium SPF 30 uses fine titanium dioxide, similar to zinc oxide used on our noses when skiing, but even more reflective of the sun away from the body as a physical block.
UVA and UVB protective. Hard edge surfers off Ocean Beach in San Francisco swear by Titanium SPF 15 and 30.
They hang on a board in sun amplified by the water's reflection, without burning.
According to the FDA, a product's SPF (sunscreen protection factor) number tells you how long you can stay in the sun before getting burned.
If you can normally stay in the sun 20 minutes before you start turning pink, an SPF 15 product will let you stay in the sun for five hours without burning.
The formula is 20 (minutes) x 15(SPF) = 300 (minutes), or five hours.
If you're swimming or perspiring, you must wear a water-resistant sunscreen, which provides 40 to 80 minutes of protection before you need to reapply it.
It has a great, light "lets-go-to-the-beach" botanical scent.
Made in USA

This exceptional product includes complex antioxidants to neutralize free radicals present in the environment. It also contains dermatologist recommended titanium dioxide, with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 30.